It’s Just a Joke (Or is it?)



People will get bent out of shape over the slightest appearance of offense. There’s nothing new in human nature about it, it’s just that with the advent of the Internet, and more recently, social media, it has become easier to find crowds of the offended and often a simple statement may go viral and the person that made the statement, or produced the video, will somehow become the focus of a derangement unheard of until the last dozen or so years. Sometimes, these innocuous utterances will even make national level news. Again, 20 years ago, no one would have ever heard, but because every journalist (or wanna be) is on social media, these are easily picked up and spread widely, over a short period of time.

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Shouting At The Wall




Sometime ago,  I wrote about my spending too. much time on social media, specifically Twitter. I decided that I was not going to do that anymore, and for a little while, that worked. I would log in to see if there was anything there worthy of responding to, but that was about it. For a while. I then found several people that I follow that were much more interesting to pursue dialogue with and of course that killed my experiment.  Hypocrite.  Well, here I am again, doing the same thing, limiting my time online simply because it is an addiction of sorts, even when I become involved with interesting people. I’ve really discovered that I actually don’t have much to say, and what I do have to say probably isn’t of much interest to anyone but me.

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They’re Coming To Take You Away



Some things just never seem to end. It doesn’t matter the argument, how well it’s presented, how reasoned, there are people whose entire lives are agenda driven and they will have nothing to do with that pesky reason thing. It’s almost become a religion, yet those that practice would never admit that what they say or do is anything but a form of rationality even though anyone may point out the same with any religious belief. That’s the way online mobbing works. A few people ( as few as a single person) criticize someone else, not actually ptoviding any actual evidence, just that they disapprove of whatever this person may have said, or wrote, and the entire woke universe believes it has to chime in, because, no one would actually make something up about another, would they?

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Aren’t We All “Intellectuals”?



What does it actually mean to be intellectual? I see this used quite a bit by people either describing themselves ( noun) or referentially (adjective). I am coming, more and more, to the conclusion that in either usage, it is something meant to be condescending to those that are being spoken to or about. I used to consider myself an intellectual, and in that I believed that what I thought was more important, or better informed, than those uneducated, hoi-poloi.  I meant, at that time, that no one, less educated than myself, could possibly understand complicated political or social issues, or even methodology in the sciences. In other words: you are less than me.

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Why Are You on Twitter?



Something about Twitter I’ve never really understood is that in some people’s profiles, there is a prohibition on sending direct messages, specifically those that have to do with looking for a date. No, I’m not kidding. I see these mostly in women’s biographies but on occasion, I will notice a man has something similar in his as well.  Two things always come to mind: does this person (man or woman) think they are so desirable that another person will not have the fortitude to withstand asking them out, or is it that Twitter has become a pseudo-dating site where people are forced to place a disclaimer in their profile to discourage a barrage of offers?

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