If You Can’t Prove It, It’s Not History



I wrote recently about a very popular mini-series that’s being shown on The History Channel leading up to the Easter holiday: Jesus: His Life . I received a little blowback from some people even though overall I praised the show for it’s production value but stated that this should not be considered history. This is simply a retelling of a story, written by several anonymous authors, that weren’t witnesses to any of what they wrote about at the time. The main problem I had with the series, was that it was presented on a channel called History. There really isn’t any way that this could even remotely be called history, because there’s no historical basis for it at all.

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Letting Go of Superstition



Being superstitious is not limited to believing in the supernatural, but everyday things that most of us do not think about on a regular basis until we are confronted with a situation that has us remembering something, probably from childhood, that we were told we should never do. I can recall my mother telling me about walking beneath a ladder, or opening an umbrella indoors.  To this day, I never do either.  Not that I’m afraid of having something bad happen to me, it’s just become a practice.

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