Letting Go of Superstition



Being superstitious is not limited to believing in the supernatural, but everyday things that most of us do not think about on a regular basis until we are confronted with a situation that has us remembering something, probably from childhood, that we were told we should never do. I can recall my mother telling me about walking beneath a ladder, or opening an umbrella indoors.  To this day, I never do either.  Not that I’m afraid of having something bad happen to me, it’s just become a practice.

It’s strange that something so minor, would penetrate  the psyche to the extent that decades later, we are still affected by silly things like, never rock an empty rocking chair. Yes, that was one I heard as a child as well. Why,? Ghosts. I’m still somewhat amazed by the. number of people I know that are relatively superstitious. Ever see someone toss salt over their shoulder in a restaurant because the accidentally spilled some salt? I have. How about knocking on wood? I see that more than i see any other.

I’m not sure if people actually believe that doing any of these things will help them to avoid bad luck, but isn’t it interesting that either by habit or belief, we still tend to do some of these? Even those of us that ridicule superstitious behavior find ourselves automatically avoiding walking under a ladder, or that breaking a mirror will result in seven years of bad luck, when we accidentally break one, that comes to mind.

None of these are new, invented by our parents or grandparents to scare young children. They’ve been around for a long time sand some of them have practical reasons, believe it or not. Here’s an article from Live Science that describes the origins of nine most common superstitions. Knowing the origins of some of these can dispel some of the practices that have become so common down the ages.




2 thoughts on “Letting Go of Superstition

    • I actually saw someone, Satruday evening, withmy daughter in a local eatery, toss some salt over his shoulder. That’s what brought all of this to mind for this post.


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