You Can’t Force 80 Million to Comply via Threats

I’ve been meaning to comment here on all of the turmoil that seems to be emanating from the White House recently but it has become so pervasive in a short period of time that I find myself in a quandary concerning what exactly I should be upset about on any given day. There’s just so much, isn’t there? The real question comes as to which topic (Afghnistan, COVID, Economy, etc.) takes precedence over any other. Well, the Presidents speech put that to rest for now. His lies and his clear attempt to polarize the country as I heard one commenter on TV refer to Biden’s polarization was no different than calling the unvaccinated lepers.

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”Mini-AOC” Accounts Deleted After Numerous Death Threats




It appears now, according to something I saw online, via Twitchy, that the mini-AOC account has been deleted due to the number of  death threats the family had been receiving. Yes, death threats to a 8 year old girl for a parody of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a member of Congress. Personally, I found the short videos cute and sometimes even funny because I thought they represented well the mind of the member and of course it was all in good fun, right? On the other side though, I don’t think much of any parent using their young child in that manner.

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