You Can’t Force 80 Million to Comply via Threats

I’ve been meaning to comment here on all of the turmoil that seems to be emanating from the White House recently but it has become so pervasive in a short period of time that I find myself in a quandary concerning what exactly I should be upset about on any given day. There’s just so much, isn’t there? The real question comes as to which topic (Afghnistan, COVID, Economy, etc.) takes precedence over any other. Well, the Presidents speech put that to rest for now. His lies and his clear attempt to polarize the country as I heard one commenter on TV refer to Biden’s polarization was no different than calling the unvaccinated lepers.

None of what he said, I think, did anything for convincing the majority of the unvaccinated to rush out today and get stuck. Nothing he said, not even the threats he made, convinced anyone I know who is unvaccinated to try and become vaccinated ASAP. Yes, I spoke to a few people afterwards. The threat of being fired from your place of employment, or your employer being fined, I guess for not ensuring all employees arwe either vaccinated or tet negative weekly probably won;’t fly in the courts. If it does, imagine that slippery slope becoming unnavigable as now the federal government will be able to control pretty much everything in your daily life.

All Biden is doing is attempting to divide the country. By the way: the effects of the Delta variant are waning right now, as we were told it would. It’s cratering pretty quickly. The same thing happened in the U.K. According to some, we may see variants for years, if not forever. In a way, like influenza. What are we going to do, shutdown the entire world every time there is a new variant? Seriously? One commenter, post speech, said we are no longer in a situation of a pandemic, but an endemic – something we may have to learn to live with (like influenza!).

The bottom line though is the big lie Biden told in that the unvaccinated threatened the health of the vaccinated. Yes, he said that. I shook my head and laughed. because this means the vaccine is worthless im preventing severe disease. It also means thatt yes, you can be vaccinated and still contract COVID, which most doctors I’ve heard say is true.

As always, the government is working on a one size fits all solution to an issue where that one size, doesn’t. How about natural immunity? There doesn’t seem to be a exemption there but of course there will be those political exemptions (USPS). This rule that OSHA eventually comes up with I think will certainly fail in a court challenge. What Biden spoke of yesterday goes way beyond his constitutional authority and, just like extending the rent/mortgage holiday, which he even stated outloud was unconstitutional, so too will this fall. This will be that last brick and even democrats in Washington won’t be able to protect him. forget about any and all future proposed legislation.

8 thoughts on “You Can’t Force 80 Million to Comply via Threats

  1. I agree that this mandate is harsh. However it wouldn’t be necessary if vaccination was broadly understood and had not been politicized to the degree it has been. The fact is that vaccination is the best tool to stem or eliminate a virus. I’m an aggressive defender of freedom, but refusal to be vaccinated impacts public health and the freedom of others. By not vaccinating, an individual is infringing on the rights of others to basic public safety.


  2. As an atheist & skeptic myself I value the importance of actual facts & evidence.
    FACT: The vaccine doesn’t prevent infection nor does it prevent the vaccinated from infecting others who are unvaxxed or vaxxed.
    FACT: Nor does the vaccine prevent the vaccinated from possibly dying with or without preexisting conditions.
    FACT: The CDC Director, has already corroborated those facts by his own admission.

    Anyone who is willing to get this, is a willing lab rat. Mandatory vaccines are criminal. Vaccines take decades to develop before they are fully approved through proper scientific testing. The recent FDA approval is suspiciously sinister. Approval in 6 mos without proper trials & testing is dangerous & criminal and will hurt or kill people. But with this administration, those facts take a back seat and political science as well as political correctness steps forward, and the argument gets inverted like an hour glass, with the sand running in the opposite direction as they rush to find excuses for mandatory vaccinations and to condemn anyone who speaks against it as some kind of a murderer. What about the thousands upon thousands allowed to freely walk across the border every week? The current administration doesn’t require mandatory or voluntary vaccines, masks, or swab tests for any of them. It would seem this administration is trying to endanger the lives of its own constituency also? I’ve seen some other skeptics & atheists on Twitter who pride themselves on examining evidence, and I do enjoy watching them attack religion with the full force of their finely-honed intellects, driving home their arguments like fence posts. BUT, when evidence to do with a vaccine that doesn’t prevent COVID-19 is presented, it’s filtered through political correctness and rendered inadmissible. It’s inadmissible to them since it doesn’t conflate with their ideology. I’ve encountered this attitude so many times now that I’m no longer surprised by it, but I think the people who are afflicted with it are as much in denial as any religious bigot. They’re equally irrational, equally delusional. They’re just slaves to a different dogma. They’re only Pro-Vax because Sleepy Joe said it, not the “ORANGE BAD MAN”. But I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that if Trump were still POTUS, and he were calling for mandatory vaccinations, the left would be ANTI-VAX with brass knuckles & size 12 boots on JUST BECAUSE Trump said it. Hell, they were in fact anti-vax 10 mos ago for a short time before the election when he said it. I contracted Covid-19 a year and a half ago. I recovered from it in 3 weeks. I’ve been around 10s of dozens of positives in that time, and I have tested negative every week since also. No vaccine required and no vaccine wanted or needed…..ever. Perhaps my natural immune system adapted, strengthened, & learned how to fend it off from now on. In any case, I’ll keep hitching my wagon to my natural immune system. And perhaps we’d be better off if we just let nature take its course and run through the population and then it seems we’d build some sort of an immunity & decrease the time frame of the whole nightmare. If the govt keeps locking down people while gaslighting them, we’ll never get out from under it. In the meantime, I will not allow the Federal govt mandate this “experiment” into my arm replacing my natural immune system with a synthetic one. And I refuse to be a slave and a lab rat. Anyone who values their life & freedom should & would refuse it too.


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