”Mini-AOC” Accounts Deleted After Numerous Death Threats




It appears now, according to something I saw online, via Twitchy, that the mini-AOC account has been deleted due to the number of  death threats the family had been receiving. Yes, death threats to a 8 year old girl for a parody of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a member of Congress. Personally, I found the short videos cute and sometimes even funny because I thought they represented well the mind of the member and of course it was all in good fun, right? On the other side though, I don’t think much of any parent using their young child in that manner.

I don’t know why I was initially surprised to read that the little girl, and the family had been doxxed and threatened; That seems to be the  normal now, from clearly disturbed people, that are offended by anything and anyone that proffers a different point of view – even if it’s done with humor. The parents, being unaware of how the Internet works today, is more troubling and to place their child in a circumstance where, sooner or later, there’s going to be some blowback, is unconscionable.

So yes, my criticism is towards the family that would expose their child to the possibility of online harassment and threats is justified. None of this excuses those that would and did make those threats, and it’s disgusting to me that this occurred at all being that the parody wasn’t harmful, or even threatened anything about AOC herself. I don;t even believe it actually bothers representative Ocasio-Cortez, either. All this did was raise her profile more. Sure, the young woman makes some strange statements such as the one where, in an interview, she said it was more important to be morally correct than factually correct. This is not worth some level of mockery? To assail an 8 year old and her family though, is reprehensible.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and although I hold the parents to some blame (on her Twitter bio, there was a contact email for “appearances” ), none of what they did deserves the reaction that was received. In fact, I would think that AOC herself should come out and say something about it. How can she advocate for children (of illegals) and not say something about a child be threatened simply for making a few short videos? Why social media platforms, where the threats began, haven’t taken any action against those that may have posted her information, or threats towards the family, is confounding with the possible exception, as we have all heard for a while: it’s okay to target those that have different views from the progressive left.


2 thoughts on “”Mini-AOC” Accounts Deleted After Numerous Death Threats

  1. I agree. Parents have a grave responsibility to protect their children and to not participate in their endangerment, and these parents failed, because they wanted to…what? Garner 15 minutes of fame for their child and do so for themselves to live vicariously through her. The script is obviously written for this child and she has been coached.

    The truly pitiful thing is the AOC actually sounds like a child that has been coached, until she has to ad lib. How are fairly educated and intelligent adults falling for the bilge that pours from her mouth? Was AOC being used by the long-standing Dems, who thought they could control her and use her popularity and novelty to bring down more Conservatives? I guess so, but like the useful idiots they are, they are being controlled by the handlers of AOC, as there is a bigger game on here….advancing Communism.

    I wonder if Pelosi and company sometimes say uh-oh, what have we done?


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