The Purpose of Body Camera Video



Why have police, everywhere in the past few years, adopted the use of body cameras for interactions with the public? It’s simple: if there is a dispute concerning any contact with a member of the public, that there is a video record of the exchange. It’s meant to protect the officer(s) from fraudulent  charges of policy brutality, etc. When a charge is made by the public, the record will prove one way or another what the truth of any charges are. It does happen that some officers are in the wrong, and appropriately disciplined (suspension, firing, or other charges as appropriate), and supposedly gives the general public. more confidence in their law enforcement officers.

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The Post-Truth World



Welcome to the post-truth world! – David Osorio

We live in a world where truth has become secondary to feelings, and to people deciding what is considered fact versus fiction. Say whatever you will about any controversial topic, the environment, politics, economics, or social issues. Then just construct a simple tweet, maybe a short thread on Twitter, explaining why you believe what you believe. Sit back, and wait for the reaction. You may find allies, but the normative, at least on Twitter, is that you won’t. Those that may agree with you will be too afraid to agree simply because they are afraid of being cancelled.

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