I Just Wanted to Write About Canada

So I’ve been wanting to writ more about what’s been going on in Canada recently. You know, that country just to our north that had a protest that placed the government in such fear of an actual armed insurrection, that they invoked a never before used emergency act to quell the obvious violent rebellion agains the government. those Nazi-like barbecue pits and bouncy houses! Don;t take my word for it, their own PM, Justin Trudeau compared all of the protestors that way.

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What’s to Gain by Gaming Ukraine?

Ukrainian Soldiers

It seems I’ve seen the president on television everyday this week talking about the most consequential event of the last thirty years?. COVID? No. Crime? Nope. Illegal immigration? Haha. , Inflation. Again, no. What is this thing we keep hearing about, something that has not actually occurred, that have the media so worried, and the government before the American people speaking about daily? The imminent invasion of the Ukraine by the Russians. The question I have yet to hear asked by the media is Why should we, the U.S., be concerned about this possibility? It’s been lmpwn for years that Putin wanted to reintegrate the Ukraine into Russia, so what’s all the panic about?

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Biden’s War Face

Anyome see the short Biden statement to Americans, but most especially, Russia, about the impending invasion of the Ukraine by Russia? It was really something to see,. Biden has his war face on. By that, I nean he had a look of extreme seriousness that bad things were going to happen to the Russian people iif Putin continues on this path.

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Is the U.S. Looking for a Fight

Russian Troops at Ukrainian Border

As I write this, I am viewing Jake Sullivan, the president’s National Security Advisor, giing a briefing to the White House Press corps concerning the situation with the Russian buildup and possible invasion of Ukraine. Let me be clear: He’s lying his ass off. How do I know this? I’ve heard all of this before and these dumbasses that are now in charge of our national security concerns, are really bad at it.

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Is War With Russia Inevitable?

Are we about to go to war with Russia over the Ukraine? No, I’m not being foolish. This is a serious question and what I hear on television and in articles on the internet give me pause., It’s not a if we are being led by the same group of neocons that conned us into Afghanistan and Iraq earlier this century, but these are liberals and may I say progressives that are making the growling noises if war, Why?

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