Nope. No New War for the Warmongers



I guess the US jut dodged another conflict in the Middle East recently. Unless you’ve been asleep, Iran launched a retaliatory strike  against American troops in Iraq, from their home country, using ballistic missiles. Whether it was luck or incompetence, there appears to have been no casualties. In fact Iran launched a total of fifteen missiles at at least two bases. al-Assad and Irbil, and none of them caused any sort of casualties at all. In fact, four missiles never made it to their destination which is a  26.6 percent failure rate.

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Iraq: Let it Go



So, I’m hearing from sources this evening that based on the killing of Soleimani, that the Iraqi Parliament is going to vote, overwhelmingly tomorrow,  to have the Us leave. My sources are actually pretty good, normally. Here’s my reaction: Good. Let’s bring our troops home.

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Will We Let Warmongers Win?



Anybody see the awful quote from Hillary Clinton  in an interview concerning Tulsi Gabbard – without directly naming her, basically calling her, a combat veteran, a traitor? Really. Hillary Clinton referring to someone else as a “Russian asset”.This is the person that no one argues tried to collaborate with Russians, via a cut-out in the 2016 election to get dirt on Donald Trump.  Here’s the text of the relevant part of the interview if you missed it:

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Why The Rush Towards War?



Recently, President Trump cancelled a strike on Iranian targets as punishment for their shooting down one of our drones in international airspace. The Iranians, of course said that the drone was in their airspace but then the Iranians were probably just being provacative, as they always have been. The call for some type of retaliation came from a briad spectrum here in the US, with those on both the ideological left and right demanding something be done to discourage the Iranians from these types of actions. This was on the heels of course of the mining of two oil tankers, in the Straits of Hormuz, also blamed on Iran – this time with actual video proof.  Are these reasons alone to start what may turn out to be a full-fledged conflict with Iran?

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Respecting Belief and Believers


I think that every atheist blogger, and YouTuber has discussed the topic of respecting belief before. I’m certain I have, some years ago, but like everything, time sometimes allows for the evolution of thinking on the subject. It’s not that I’ve actually changed my mind but there are more subtleties to the answer than I think I took into account when I first wrote about it.

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