The End is Near: A Sarah Braasch Story



Possibly by the time you read this, my friend, Sarah Braasch will be before the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, pleading her case for the release of body camera video, from the Tale Police Department that she believes will exonerate her from any charges of racism that she has been accused of not only locally, by the Yale administration, but also nationally, as the story made nation-wide headlines in 2018. The story is already out there and I’m not going to go through the details, which I have assiduously researched. The question for this post is should Sarah have a right to have the  video from the Yale Police Department which Yale has denied her access for more than a year?

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Twitter to Ban Political Ads. A Bad Idea.



We’ve all read that soon, Twitter will be banning all political advertisements on their platform. That includes both candidate advocacy ads as well as  issue advocacy advertisements. Some in the media believe this is a swipe at Facebook, whose CEO, in front of Congress, stated  that Facebook does not plan to perform fact checking on any political ads. Is Twitter’s decision a good one? Will it do anything to solve the complaints concerning false or misleading information that may be contained in the advertisement?

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No, We Don’t Need a Hate Speech Law



I think i just read one of the scariest option pieces I’ve encountered lately. It’s entitle, Why America needs a hate speech law. It is,, of course puvlished in that great defender of light over darkness, The Washington Post. Why is it scary? It’s because there seems to be little to no understanding of how the First Amendment works. Certainly there will always be speech that some dislike, that believe shouldn;t be allowed, but where does it stop?

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No God, No Rights, Right?


So I just heard -for the umpteenth time – that our rights, at least as Americans, come from God. I’ve always found anyone stating anything similar to that as being curious and have wondered – aloud in many cases – where that thought comes from. It certainly doesn’t come from our Constitution, which doesn’t mention God, or Creator, or Deity, or whatever other appellation anyone wants to use, ever. So how is it that some God gives us the rights that we so cherish? It comes from the same people that believe, and often say, that being a conservative means, by default, a belief in God.

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The Free Will Conundrum



I used to ask, as a Christian, why God seems to be absent from our daily lives. Forget about prayer, or even attending services, it seemed to me that God never cared about what people did. Think about al of the awful things that humans do to one another; All of the atrocities that have occurred during just your lifetime. If there is a loving, caring God, that cares so much about his creation (us) why won’t this God do something about all of the evil people do towards one another?

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