What We Know

I keep writing my thoughts on the Wuhan virus, based on stories I read from multiple sources over time. As I’ve mentioned in several bogs now, people are mostly confused about what is actually going on and what it is we have to fear from a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate. One one end we’re told that and it allows everyone to actually take a breath, knowing that even if they are infected, unless they have some underlying co-morbifity, their chance of dying from this is virtually zero.

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Indoctrination into the New Normal

Remember last year when ther were people telling all of us we would have to get used to a new normal due to the pandemic? Oh, by the way, Happy New Year to everyone. Yes, we were told that out lives would probably change in certain ways, forever. It’s not that there are new laws on the books, at least none where I live. There are some Executive Orders though that restrict what people may or may not do inside and outside the home. where I live, there are no mandates – yet, but I suspect it won’t be long before my Governor is forced to take some extra steps, even if temporary, attempting to throttle the spread of the virus.

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What Rights Will Remain, Post Pandemic?

This made me laugh:

Then I stopped to think about what could be the truth in this. Now, here in the U.S. Congress, as well as a majority of states would have to vote to overturn any of the Bill of Rights so it’s doubtful we would lose any rights that way. The issue is, and has been, how much authority does government have over your life, even in what has been determined a National Emergency? We actusally need the courts to step in and tell government at every level, when they’ve gone too far. It seems that ately, even in the most regressive states (NY, CA) judges are siding with the people.

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Virus? There’s a Virus?

It seems the more we learn about the Wuhan virus the less we actually seem to know. As I’ve written before, it’s come to a point where people just don’t know what or who to believe. Did anyone see this recent article on the lies of Anthony Fauci? He’s admitted keeping information from people. Why? How many died from overdoses., suicide, or some other treatable disease because of the schizophrenic response we’ve somehow become used to from all levels of government and what appears to be some sort of coverup among government scientists.

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Teach Us To Pray?

I saw a tweet by a persom I follow on Twitter that was what I consider an interesting comment:

The idea that someone would have to be taught how to pray to an all-knowing, infinitely powerful, and loving god is absurd.

That made me pause because what I think he is referring to is the scene in. Luke (11:1-4) where we’re introduced the what has become known as “The Lords’ Prayer”. The chapter begins with one of the disciples asking Jesus to teach them to pray. This is where Jesus provides the template for prayer. I say template, only because this is the way I was taught. Certainly what’s written is a prayer itself , but the context of the scene is Jesus breaking down for the disciples what is the required (expected?) format of supplication.

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