Thanks, Mom



It’s Mothers Day and yes, as most children, I am thinking about my Mom today. Unfortunately, I can’t call her to tell her how much I love her, how she inspired me to be the best during my life. My Mother died ten years ago. Still, she’s never been forgotten by my sister or myself. We were given opportunities by both our parents that they never had. Neither of my parents ever went to college, but it was important, more-so from my Mother that both my sister and I attend and graduate and to go as far as we wanted educationally. Initially, for my sister, that meant a PhD in English Literature. She was, before her retirement, a Milton Scholar, yes, someone respected in her field. Who encouraged that? Mom.

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#SexStrike: Really?



Logging into Twitter today, I noticed something that seemed to be trending a bit, at least in my timeline: Alyssa Milano is declaring a #SexStrike, until women receive what she refers to as body autonomy. If I understand this protest, it’s about a recent bill passed in the State of Georgia that would prevent an abortion, once a fetal heartbeat had been detected. I’m told this is somewhere around the sixth week of pregnancy. I don’t want to argue whether this new law is right or wrong, Constitutional or not, that’s for others in a different forum. What I find amusing about this protest is that I don’t see a lot on the left commenting one way or another and of course, those on the right are outright mocking her.

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What is Skepticism? Can We Know Anything?



Gretchen, over a Skeptic Review, posted an excellent piece, appropriately titled, What Is Skepticism? It a great introduction that details not only the general definition of skepticism, but also breaks out the different kinds of skepticism. I don’t think that the state of skepticism is necessarily imperiled though, even if there are those that have a certain view of those defined that way. I may be wrong, but I have never known anyone, a skeptic, that goes around introducing themselves that way. As I mentioned in my introductory piece, we are all skeptical at one level or another. Where I think I may agree with those that criticize us, is that there may be a contingent of people claiming to be skeptics, that don’t actually exemplify that status.

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What is Skepticism?



When I first started this blog, I had no idea how to describe it. Yes, I am both a conservative and a skeptic, but if I just called it that, as I eventuslly did, what would that mean t others? I went back and forth but finally decided on my first instinct: Conservative Skeptic. I thought at the time it would raise a lot of questions of potential readers, and then thought that it was a good thing if it did. Most people, at least those that I know, don’t see theat there’s anyway someone that claims to be a conservative could actually be a skeptic as well. At least in the terms that are widely utilized by some. But I am. I am both and for even a few today, they are unable to understand how a person may be conservative and skeptical at the same time. Reread that. Yes, it’s true. Even for most conservatives I know, I’m not considered a conservative simply because  I am an atheist and I’m told, often, that a pillar of conservatism is belief in God. Which pillar is that exactly?

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Debating Ideas Without Labels



What happens to a civil society, discourse itself, when thoughts and ideas expressed are so easily categorized? More importantly, the people behind the same? I just read a good piece from Paul Joseph Watson, over at Human Events, that may be a good indicator of where society as a whole is headed, if we’re not already there. It’s an emotional piece, for sure, but then if I were labeled as dangerous or an extremist, I too might become a little (little?) emotional myself. But that’s where we seem to be, labeling thoughts, ideas, we dislike, possibly even those that would seem reprehensible to most people, and instead of  standing and refuting those ideas, silence those that express them.

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