The Arsonist and the Firefighter

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best option in life. It’s always better to evaluate a situation before charging in and possibly masking it worse. You never see firefighters run into burning buildings do you? No, when they arrive, they evaluate the situation and deploy accordingly in order to save lives and other structures nearby.

I’ve been seeing some very disturbing reports out of Ukraine lately tht make me believe tht we, the United States, may have rushed into this conflict as a proxy to blunt Russian ambitions, and in doing so may have set the stage for more than what we want or expected. Instead of evaluating the situation from the beginning, we rushed in, headlong, without having the underlying intelligence. that would allow any supporters of Ukraine understand what the real underlying issue was? Is it just Russian hegemony? We’ll really never know now because too many people have tkn sides and to attempt to have a reased siacuion has become impossible. What looked like a one week walk through is now heading towards a year and Russia is losing, in great part because of the influx of advanced weapons from the west (U.S.). We’ve become the arsonist and the firefighter.

Separation of Church and State

I have often heard people tell me that what is referred to as the  Separation of Church and State is nowhere to be found in the Constitution. It’s true those words don’t exist, but is there anything there that implies the very same? Of course there is and even though there are people that dislike the idea of religion and the state being in concert on anything, in fact the founders made it clear in the First Amendment to the Constitution. No it wasn’t freedom of speech or the press, it was freedom of religion that was first considered. Go look at it. The “separation” was clear in the words, “Congress shall make no law…”, not “should not” or “maybe should respect”, but “shall not” which is the line drawn between the state and any and all religious organizations. Two words define not only how we treat religious belief but those other sacred rights as well. We should be thankful that the founders considered all of this carefully and worded it such there could be no misinterpretation,

Our Addiction to the Military Industrial Complex

I was born during the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower. His first term. For those unaware of Eisenhower, he was the General that led us through World War Two, in Europe. He lead the military defeat of Germany. He became the hero of that war, to the extent that he was elected to a second term as president. At the end of that term, president Eisenhower gave a speech to the country known as his Farewell Address (1961). That address has become prescient, decade over decade. Why?

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Supporting Law Enforcement

With all of the rage against police recently, the media in many cases banging the drum not just for reform, but for defunding police, I am just going to say that I support the police. Surprise from a conservative isn’t it? I would never say that the police are never in the wrong; In fact, the George Floyd murder shows that to be true.  But does that indicate all police are bad? Think about this question and ask yourself , Are we better without police? Of course not. When you’re assaulted on the street, or your home is burglarized, who do you call? The police of course. The police are there for every minor dispute through major crimes committed. While the rest of us flee danger, they run towards it, risking themselves for us. No, they aren’t more perfect than you or I but they take on a responsibility that the rest of us refuse. Should thry also be held to a higher standard? Yes, and that’ the problem with human beings. We all fail sometimes but i the case of a police officer, that failure is amplified 1,000x times more than would be if not a police officer. Something we all need to remember. Are there bad/corrupt officers? Sure some, just as in any profession the difference being when they’re discovered, they are more easily weeded. Now, more than ever we need to support these men and women because they are being attacked on an almost daily basis. I don’t ever want to call 911 and be told there won’t be any help coming. Do you?

How does Your Pastor Afford $5K Suits?

When religious people pray to whatever god(s) thay believe in, are they really in expectation of a positive outcome? By that, if someone prays for help paying their rent, and. friend arrives jut in time to fill the gap, is that due to prayer or was that friend already in the know about those financial circumstances? The New Twstamwnt tells Christians all they need to know in Mark 11:23-24 and entire Christrian movements (“Faith movement”) have been base on just this one area of scripture. Some pasors hae become ridiculously rich, not from “god” but from those they have taken the last penny from in hope that “god” would bless them as well. “Miracles will happen” if you only place your last dollar in th basket being passed around. “God will heal you of your awful disease” if you will only will your hime to us after you die.And so we all believe that if “Pastor X” can receive of all god’s blessings, why can’t I? And the grift continues generation after generation. Yes, “god” will prosper some. Those willing to steal from their fellows.