Moving Away From Twitter



So today was my first day basically off Twitter. Yes I did log in to check my notifications a couple of times and would have responded to anyone directly addressing me, but none of that happened.  I have a habit of tweeting out stories that I find interesting, whether I agree with them or not, but decided today, I would not do that. I want to limit myself on this platform to the extent that I think I can in that I do not want to become, again, part of the cesspool that Twitter has become.

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things



Over the years, I have written about the perils of groupthink. That is, that we must all have the same or similar opinion or be cast out of a particular social or political class and be assigned to the netherworld. I’ve always despised the idea that as a conservative, I must hold to certain principles, dictated by others to be considered conservative. I find the same being an atheist. I will use my limited talent for reason and logic to find my way and not be cowed into accepting what to me is something I determine to be unreasonable and ultimately illogical.

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The Social Media Conundrum




I made a joke  to a friend over Twitter where I stated that I’m a sociopath and have no empathy for anyone.  Yes, the person  knew it was a joke and even liked the tweet because even though we’ve never met, or know anything about each other than what we’ve tweeted, this person knows that I was just kidding, For some people though, that same tweet may  evoke a different response. I know this to be true because in the past, I;ve made similar where I’ve received death threats. Not many, over the years maybe 3 or 4 but to me that’s enough to place me on guard.

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Erasing History



I recently viewed a a video by Tim Pool, who’s quickly becoming one of my favorites on YouTube, concerning the issue of how we, as a society, are trying to erase inconvenient history. I don’t think there’s a country, anywhere, that doesn’t have some historical missteps they’d like to forget, and have the rest of the world forget as well, but it is what it is and even though we today are not responsible for the misdeeds of our ancestors, we somehow have a need to try and wipe the slate clean. We need to disabuse ourselves of the past, to the point to deleting those from the historical record that have become too controversial for us, although they may have been dead for decades, or centuries.

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Debunking Charges of Racism


I just watched a recent video by Sarah Braasch where she’s beginning to expand beyond her personal story and discuss the toxicity of the far-left intersectional view and how that although hers may be a high profile story because it made national media, that the entire far-left agenda is based upon tearing lives apart based on the least evidence ever. It’s not as uncommon as many of us may have thought and in the last few years, the numbers of false accusations of racism has almost become an industry for some.

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