Liz Cheney Threatens to Leave Republican Party. No One Notices.

Raise your hand if you care whether of not Liz Cheney leaves the Republican party. No hands? Well she’s said she was definitely going to leave if Trump runs for President in 2024. Does that change any minds? I didn’t think so. What on earth will she do after the new Congress is sworn in this January? Want to bet she ends up becoming a “contributor” on MSNBC? I would’ve said CNN but I don’t think CNN will be around much longer. Liz could always be a guest on Morning Schmoe, where all the losers go to contribute.

Will Fox Buy CNN? Why?

I just can’t see Fox News buying CNN in any circumstance. What would they(Fox) do with it? As a news stations it would only diminish Fox’s demographics if it became another conservative or eve libertarian outlet, The best they could do is turn it into what made CNN more famous: a Headline News Service. That was actually a great idea for those of us that didn’t have time to watch. 30 or 60 minutes worth of news. Everything you need to know in 15 minutes. Repeated with new stories as they arose or updates to previous stories. For newsys, it was a quick fix in the morning before going to work and in the afternoon before all. of the production teams moved in for the evening kill. In the last few years, CNN Headline News has become? Well, it’s not really describable anymore but if CNN wanted to try to begin to bring viewers back, they’d do it via Headline News. Of course, Fox could bring it back as well.

Classic KJP

The current hurricane season will be less devastating due to Joe Biden’s green policies, says Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s puppet – I mean Press Secretary. what’s really awful about her saying something so dumb is that the White House Press Corps, sitting in the press room, didn’t bust out laughing. they do realize that they’re not the only access the public has to any statements made by anyone in the White House, don’t they? Why does it seem to the general public (that’s you and me, folks) the press willl do all they can to cover got a Democrat President but not for a Republican? Imagine what Kayleigh McKinney would’ve caught from that same press corps of she’d said something so incredibly stupid. It would have been “news” for days. Now? No big deal. They did the same for Obama. Hoe many times did the press ask him about something where he claimed he only found out that morning , reading about it in a newspaper. And these idiots bought it. Or pretended to. They just can;t understand the public is too well attuned today to fall for media lies and obfuscations.

Placing a Target on the Opposition

What have these been known as, “Karens”? A San Francisco Firefighter was “Karened” recently by a passerby for wearing a tshirt with “Lets Go Brandon” printed on the back. This really isn’t so much a story as it is a partisan political advertisement and editorial as well as a warning to those that may not agree with the current administration. Here we go, this time with a local television station possibly inciting violence against a member or members of the San Francisco Fire Department:

The phrase has become conservative code for something far more vulgar: “F—- Joe Biden.” It’s all the rage among Republicans wanting to prove their conservative credentials, a not-so-secret handshake that signals they’re in sync with the party’s base.

Pretty fair reporting, wouldn’t you say? This is what results when even the President of the United States calls those in the opposition extremists and terrorists. It’s okay for the media to carry that message forward.

Zelensky Plays a Card

Overnight, President Zelensky of Ukraine addressed the Russian people in their native tongue. With the beginning of what appears to be a large amount of civil unrest in Russia due entirely to Moscow’s execution of the war in Ukraine, forced conscription of men up to the age of 65, and the appearance of desperation with these tactics, Zelensky has appealed to those conscripts and even current Russian forces occupying areas of Ukraine to surrender – defect, and they will be treated civilly, that no one will know the circumstances of their surrender as well as if these same don’t want to return to Russia, they won’t be forced. this is known as stirring the pot in that there’s already crisis within Russia over this campaign on Ukraine and now, Zelensky has turned up the flame and is furiously stirring hoping to see hundreds if not thousands of Russian troops surrender without having to expend any more armament or sacrificing any more lives. This could result in an end to this conflict sooner rather than later. It may also push an already erratic Putin further into that corner of no return.