The Fallacy of the 97%


I’ve been wanting to write on this topic for a while, but of course, other topics got in the way, and because I didn’t save the relavent article I wanted to use (which includes multiple other links), I haven’t been able to write about Climate Change in any significant way. Let me say that I am terrible at Internet queries. Sometimes, I find exactly what I’m looking for on the first attempt, othertimes, I cannot seem to find the reference at all, even though I know I’ve seen and read it sometime before. Today  though, I finally discovered – on the first attempt! – the article I had read some years ago.

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Are Atheists Better than Non-Atheists?



Does being atheist make any of us  better human beings? If, let’’s just say in America, if we were majority atheist over any religion, would we be a better country to our neighbors than we are today? I don’t think so and I have no but I also have no reason to think that it might. Atheism is just a non-belief in god(s) and doesn’t inform us in any other way. Every political or social belief a person may have  who is an atheist, is in addition to their atheism, not because of it.

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Release The Video! A Sarah Braasch Story


I keep saying I’m not going to write about Sarah Braasch anymore, then something occurs to where I feel compelled to add to my Sarah Library of posts. This time is based on a post of Sarah’s own, where she has uploaded Response Briefs from her lawyers and Yales as well. You can view the post here, and I encourage everyone to click on the links of the briefs, especially the one from the outside counsel representing Yale because that’s the one I am going to comment on in this post.

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Diagnosing Gender Dysphoria


So, earlier while perusing my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting YouTube video of a young woman who had previously began transitioning to a man, but was now in the process of de-transitioning. The video rambles a bit but is worth a watch. Why? This young woman, I think, should never had been allowed to begin hewr transition at all.  You xan watch the vide, here.

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