Having an Honest Conversation



I was recently involved in a thread on Twitter concerning those that we have referred to, at least in the past, as Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s). I found that, along with myself there are many more that refuse to engage with those people because it never leads anywhere due to the fact (as I see it) the conversation is not honest. We can have disagreements, and often do, but the exchange should never devolve into name calling, even threats.

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Why Are There No Atheists in Congress?



Since the new Congress has been sworn in, I’ve read a few articles about the makeup of the new body, in both houses. The concern seems to be that there are no open atheists in either the House of Representatives or the Senate.  When I read stories about this I wonder what the concern happens to be exactly? It’s not like we atheists  are a large voting bloc and of course, if we would like to see atheists in our Federal or State offices, atheists have to actually run for office, don’t they?

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Is Belief Inherent?


I recently read an article that caused me to pause. It is an essay in Quillette that tries to explain how and why people seem to be drawn to the spiritual even as we leave traditional religion behind. I don’t disagree that yes, more and more people are leaving the traditions of their parents and grandparents behind, and yes, there are people that want to believe in something, and gravitate to other forms of what I refer to as mumbo-jumbo, but it was one paragraph that specifically caught my attention.

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