On Men and Women

Why is it that there are some people in the atheist/skeptic community that can’t understand that some of us, the majority I believe, want to find a common ground to work together?

This is a bit of a rant. Please forgive me,
Some people can’t take being made fun of for some of the things they’ve said. I understand feelings can be hurt, but hey, how many of us have not said something we’d like to take back later? Even if we didn’t want to take it back, we’re unable to understand that we might have to take some grief for what we said from others?
It’s time for some people to realize they’re not in high school anymore and things that perfect strangers say about you doesn’t mean a damn. I know from personal experience that saying inane things on the Internet may be a cause for a little mocking. I’m an adult and I can take it. Can you? Or how about legitimate criticism? I know I talk about this a lot but when anyone places their personal ideology, whether it be political or social, above skepticism, and refuse to hear another’s point of view, then it hurts the skeptical movement as a whole.
Allow me to give one specific example: Skeptical women that don’t buy into what has become known as the Radical Feminist agenda. I’m going to mention just a few that I know and consider friends. If you have any others you’d like to contribute, please comment.
So, starting out, there are a lot of women that don’t buy into the whole “Rad Fem” ideology. It makes them fell dirty. It makes them want to rail against a small segment. Off the top of my head, here’s a few and if you’re not following them on Twitter, well, that’s you’re fault.
@amborsiax, @mirandachale, @saramayhew, @renehendricks @Karla_porter, @ ellenbethwahs, , @jen_august, @tlmlac, @ weazieplz, @ellesun. That’s jut the few I can think of off the top of my head. There are more, many more, that don’t buy into the idea that all men are rapists, that all men are rape-enablers, that all men are misogyinists.
But you won’t hear that from certain circles. If you believe that crap, then end your reading here. Otherwise, I have a bit more to say..
There are lots of women, and I’ve just named a very few, that want to make sure that a war against one another doesn’t occur. Look at this list. They are are professionals. Each of the ones I’ve mentioned above are artists, educators, attorneys, IT professionals, and pretty much whatever else you can name. They’re hard. They’ve put in their time and earned their credentials. Yet, in some bizarre view of the world,they’re also “chill girls”, “sister punishers”, misogynists. Really. The last one really has me. Are there really women that actually hate other women
Should I actually raise my seven year old to hate her own gender? I don’t at her best even think I want to go there. I want her to grow up to be the best she can be in our society. I really think that I probably won’t be here to see her.
So I’m just rambling here but the point I want to make is that we cannot allow a few to decide for the majority. We all need to tell those that will attempt to make our children into ideologues; those that cannot discern truth from falsehood, that we will not be afraid to stand up against an ideology that is harmful to society. We will not allow that ideology to demonize women that happen to disagree with them.
It’s time to stand up folks. Use your voice because that’s all each of us have. Do it. Make it known that you will not allow a tiny group to define your values.

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