Is It Time to Pick a Side?

No. Not really.

That question is ridiculous to me. What side do skeptics have? Rationality. That’s all I see. As skeptics, we all need to attempt to place aside any and all ideologies we may hold whether they be political or social. We need to view our environment with a skeptical eye.
If any of us are not capable of placing our individual beliefs aside, and take a skeptical look at what we are hearing or reading, then we’re not really skeptics. Now, that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be observed that way, just those that fall into the ideological category.
We should all know by now that as far as media is concerned, we really can’t believe what we are seeing on television or reading in our various newspapers. Here, in the United States, the First Amendment to our Consecution gave freedom of the press, the idea being that the press would be the watchdog of government. No more.
Skeptics need to be able to dissect anything from an ideological perspective and only then make a determination whether it’s true or not. We need to be able to tune out anything that would want us to believe anything we hear or read without further investigation.
Okay, I think I’ve bored you long enough. Let me get to the point I really want to make. We’re becoming a laughingstock. Yep, even the Christians, whom we normally deride for their hypocrisy are laughing at us. They have a perfect right to do so in my opinion. We accuse one another of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and whatever else. They are laughing at us for pointing out the same. In their view, we’re no better, and in fact as a smaller portion of the population, worse than they are and have been.
This is where Ideology vs. Skepticism comes into view.
Ideologists believe that whatever they say is the truth. It doesn’t matter to them what the actual data present. It’s all about gathering the believers together and making sure that there are no heretics. If there are heretical people, then they must be expunged. They must be vilified in front of the congregation.. Sounds like religion doesn’t it? I’m not talking about religion though, I’m talking about a segment of what purports to be “skeptical”. I’m talking about a new religion formed under the banner of atheism and skepticism.
All of us that are skeptics need to either go ahead and identify or step up and as “no”. No, that we won’t let a group’s ideology infect us and allow those people to set any agenda for the whole.
No. In that we’re not going to allow ourselves to be and be represented by and coopted by a small segment of what purports to be the skeptic community.
No. We will stand for ourselves and make what we know, known. Not based on any ideology, but based on facts and reason. We agree to leave behind anything that cannot be verified by either.
May I suggest something? That we take sort of pledge to that effect. Not as a group, but as individuals that we won’t allow ourselves to be influenced by those that have an agenda and that we do what can to discover and out those we find that do.
I need a drink.

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