Stupid Republicans

Yeah, I really mean it. Republicans can be so stupid.

Let’s just shut down the government, furlough hundred’s of thousands of civilian workers and contractors because they want to defund the Affordable Care Act.
How stupid is that? Sure, some people will say that the government workers will get their lost pay back because in past shutdowns, after the budget resolution had been resolved, Congress voted to give back pay to the government employees. That may not happen this time though. What about the contractors though? There are a lot of those that are not considered “essential” that will actually lose pay.
I know this because that’s what I do for a living. If I don’t work, and if I don’t have vacation hours to cover all the time off, well, I don’t get paid.
Why can’t these idiots realize that tying the Affordable Care Act(AFA) to any budget Continuing Resolution is a loser? No Democrat is going to vote for it. In the Senate, it’s a clear loser and they freaking know that!
If you don’t like Obamacare, here’s a recommendation: why not introduce bills to change those parts of it you find objectionable. In other words, amend the legislation. I bet they might find some Democratic support for some of the ideas that might be out there. To just say though that they want to defund the Act is ridiculous.
We clearly have a dysfunctional government. It’s not just the Republicans either. For years, the Senate, controlled by Democrats, have refused to even bring up the budget for a vote. There’s blame on both sides. No one seems to want to even talk about anything anymore in D.C. That’s a problem for us. All of these elected to represent us somehow forget that very fact: they represent us. Not just the twenty percent of the nutjobs on either the right or the left.
Most polls show that the American people are against the AFA. The reason is that most of us really don’t know what it contains. Sure we know that preexisting conditions are covered, and from what I can tell, most people are in favor of that part of the legislation. The problem is that the bill that passed is 2700 pages. How in the world is anyone supposed to be able to go through all of that and try to determine whether or not the legislation is going to benefit them or their family?
Why do the Republicans, week after week it seems, vote in the House of Representatives to defund, repeal, or something else a piece of legislation that none of them have read? Why do the Democrats do the opposite when none of them have read it either?
Of course, none of this is really new, it’s just become more strident in the last twenty years. There used to be a time that even when there were disagreements between the parties, there would be some of the leadership from both that would get together and compromise. Everyone gets something they want.
Those days are over. And it’s our fault for electing and reelecting these idiots that refuse to do the people’s business; you know, what they were elected to do in the first place.
If there is a government shutdown next week, let me disabuse you of any of the propaganda you might have heard on television or read in the newspaper.
The military will be paid. Social Security checks, Welfare checks, SNAP payments will happen. Now, if you are expecting to go sign up for Social Security, Welfare, or SNAP next week, you can probably forget it but those people on the rolls as of 30 September will receive their benefits. The same for Federal Unemployment. Those people will still receive their payments. All of the above services are considered “essential”. No matter who you listen to on television or read on the Internet, know that what I just said is the truth. None of these services in the past have ever been delayed or cutoff. It won’t happen this time.
None of that gives me a warm and fuzzy though. What I want the Federal government to do is to work in the best interests of those they represent and not shrink before a minority because they believe they might not be reelected next year.
Let’s all start paying attention to what all of our elected representatives are doing, whether they are local, state or federal. We need to take back this country folks and not let minorities on either side dictate the future of our country.

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