Why Waste Time Debating Christians?

I never debate Christians, at least online. I find the effort to be wasted, explaining to them that their beliefs are based upon some ancient mythology crafted by people living in the desert in the middle east.

These Christians just don’t seem to understand that throughout human history, there have ben many gods and the only reason that theirs has lasted this long is that it was protected by various governments in the past two millennia. People that believed otherwise, were persecuted. Even those that claimed to be Christians, but had a different view (like gnostics) were persecuted and swept away for the One Church, Universal.
Why as skeptics and atheists do we continue to debate the existence of their god with them? I wonder how many Christians have become atheists based on any debate. I’m not saying there are none, but from what I see, it’s a futile exercise.
Their argument has become pedantic to me. Atheists hate god; There can be no morality without god. I’ve even debated with a Christian that told me that god created atheists to test the faithful. Of course there’s always the standard that atheists are children of Satan.
So what’s the point? Yes, some of my Christian friends (yeah, I have a few Christian friends, so what?) are curious as to how I cannot believe in their divine creator. Of course, you probably no my response to that question.
I won’t however become drawn into a long, tedious conversation where I will quote their own book (I have a friend that refers to it as The Babble) at them to show the numerous inconsistencies within. We’ve all been there haven’t we?
So again, what’s the point of debating a religion that we all know is a myth? I really think it’s a waste of time. I do know some that get a little comedic pleasure from calling out the stupid and that’s fine. No offense to anyone, but I’d rather spend my time on more productive endeavors.
What I’m interested in is keeping their beliefs out of the public(political) discourse. These Christians have been infiltrating our political process for the last thirty years and as we can see today, they hold some amount of sway with our elected officials at all levels of government.
Here’s the problem though: We, as atheists tend to depend of a minority to make our case. When some prominent atheist speaks out, we’re all behind him or her but what are we doing to support them? Are we speaking out ourselves? Are we appearing before our city council or legislature to speak up? Are we writing letter to the same letting them know that even though we are a minority, that we need to be listened to as well? Are we making any mark within our own communities?
I know I’m not the only atheist in my town. I recently discovered that there’s a small group that meets once a month. This month, I’ll be attending the meeting. Is there a group like that where you live? You might be surprised. You can look by going to the Meetup site. That’s how I found the one here. I’m going to be very interested in what this group is all about. I hope that there’s a discussion on activism. If not, I’ll start the discussion.
Instead of LOL’ing about debating with people we’re never going to convince, we should be showing them that even though small, we’re going to change their world. Whether they like it or not.
As always, your comments are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Why Waste Time Debating Christians?

  1. Hello.. Great post and I agree with you totally. As an open minded atheist i have spent several weeks attending a local alpha course for an introduction in to christianity. I have given up going now. Any challenging questions or analogies i made were always twisted around to basically blame either my lack of faith, or my own free will. The fun of the first few debates soon turned into tedious, repetitive arguments. I finally realised how futile my questions were when I realised my line of questioning was restricted to reality and science, while the christians were free to fall back on any kind of mythical legend or make believe to ‘win’ the argument.
    At times I was horrified to see what seemed like intelligent people resorting to spouting utter nonsense in defence of their faith.
    My goal was not to convert anyone, but to learn and hopefully have some of my questions answered (logically). However the last few weeks has led me to the same conclusion, that they have no real answers, and it really is a waste of time thinking about the subject. Its kind of sad as I did have more respect for christians before I attended the course. That respect has now diminished considerably.


  2. I’ve been a missionary for over 5 years. It’s been the most loneliest experience. I don’t have a problem with God. It’s these fucked-up Christians that piss me off. They don’t do what their God tells them to do.


  3. You’re going to change our world whether we like it or not huh? Over my dead body kid.

    What makes you think you have any answers at all. No surprise though. Atheists are easily the most egotistical self-righteous yuppies around.

    Try it. You’ll fail miserably. I believe in what I want and not a single thing you do will change that.

    Fascist. No surprise coming from an atheist.


  4. Allow me to better pratory what I was trying to say, because I admit I failed miserably.1) Everything I said is specifically in response to Cov referring to that passage. I stand firm that if someone is going to challenge the Bible based on the Bible, the only way to answer is Bible.Truth is, that’s how it was. Pardon me for teaching Bible, but to pratory what I’m saying I need to. Under that covenant (the first agreement between God and His people), it went like this: You sin, you either make a sin offering or you take the judgment for that sin yourself. Bethel was full of people who wouldn’t turn to God and make sacrifices, so they had to take the judgment themselves. Add that on to the city elders maybe sending children out to scorn Elisha, that’s how it was. Maybe, and I could be wrong, those children were too young to understand and they’re in heaven right now, and the punishment of losing the children was more for the parents who sent them.2) This side of the cross, we are under a different covenant. God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus on the cross for us so that we could have a perfect sacrifice for all eternity (I’m not preaching at you, but if you wanna listen, I won’t complain). The old covenant brought death. The new brings life. That is the difference between God’s people then and now. Then, they operated under the death penalty (something had to die). Today, we operate in life (Someone already died, and conquered death for us).Again, I apologize for teaching Bible. But you call yourself a freethinker, and by definition of a freethinker you can’t rule it out, right? And hopefully having a better understanding of what I meant to say will show that I am not, in fact, dangerous.


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