This Blog Has Been an Adventure, of Sorts


I’m new at this whole blogging adventure. I didn’t start until three months ago and I began this journey with a lot of trepidation.

I’ve thought about doing this in the past but I always thought that I never really had anything to say. Really, who wants to read something from an Internet nobody? Next, it was the idea that I would need to be able to provide content on a regular basis, or at least a semi-regular basis if the blog were ever going to “take off”.

Back in July however, I finally made the decision to jump in feet first. Do far, it’s been interesting and I’m learning a lot. I’ve also spoken to other bloggers and have really received some good advice. The three most common tips I received were:

1.       Add content regularly. If you don’t blog often, readers will stop visiting your site.

2.       Find your audience. Blog about things that will attract an audience to your site.

3.       Be yourself. 

Well the last two seem a bit contradictory to me, but okay. What I mean is that since my blog deals mostly with skepticism and atheism that my audience is more to the liberal side of the spectrum. Well, as you know, this blog is called Conservative Skeptic and from the beginning I realized I might not see much viewership from that side.

 I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised though. I haven’t been derided for my ideological stance because people are navigating to the site for the content and some have been actually surprised on certain stances a so-called “conservative” has made. For me though, this is the part where I am actually being myself.

I have taken a little criticism from my so-called conservative “friends”. Some are appalled that I have a middle-of-the-road attitude on most issues and on others, I just don’t give a damn about. They really don’t know me.

Some of the things that have made me scratch my head though has to do with my own content. To me, this has become fairly humorous.  Sometimes I sit a write a post about some issue, whether it be skeptical/atheist in nature or politics and I think “This is good!, I’m probably going to get some reaction from this whether good or bad.” I get zero. In fact, that post will hardly receive any hits. On the other side, I’ll blast out a post on something to do with nothing that I really consider very  earth shattering, and all of a sudden, wham!, people are eating it up.

I think that’s the finding my audience thing mentioned above.

Some private comments I receive are that I am too polite. I really don’t understand that because you’re either polite or impolite. I attempt to be polite because, that’s the person I am. See number 3 above.

All in all it’s been a nice journey so far and I will endeavor to improve of course as time goes on to provide content that you might want to consume.  I’ll always attempt to make what I write at minimum thought provoking and hopefully, occasionally, you might even  get a chuckle out of it.

Please don’t hesitate to comment either, if you have one. As you know, I do not moderate because, unlike some others, I believe in Freeze Peach. The only time a comment would be deleted is if it were really abuse to either myself, or another commenter.

I like to also thank all my Tweeps out there that have been very supportive of my efforts of the past few months.


2 thoughts on “This Blog Has Been an Adventure, of Sorts

  1. Did you say you do not moderate? I ask because when I left a comment a minute ago, I received a message saying that the comment went to moderation. It also looks like a comment I left yesterday or the day before didn’t go through at all. On that one, I received a message I hadn’t seen before saying the comment had been identified as spam and that I would need to ask you to be added to the white list (which I did).


    • Sorry about that. There’s an anti-spam plugin Renee installed because several of us were receiving a lot of that. It seems to be wreaking havoc on legitimate comments as well. Hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly.


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