It’s Just Twitter, People

Twitter is a wonderful medium to be able to send a receive quick messages on a wide variety of topics. You can even hold a conversation with others, although the 140 character limit makes it difficult when you’re interacting with more than one person.

What I see sometimes though, and it’s becoming more and more common with those that I follow is what I call Tweet Wars. It’s people disagreeing about something, insults go back and forth for seemingly forever then one side or the other will claim offense and that their feelings are hurt.

Now, I could understand that reaction if these were people that you actually know. I mean people you have met, and interacted with personally, not just over the Internet. In other words, actual friends. At best maybe you’ve had a Skype conversation with that person, or maybe even a telephone call or two. In that case, at best that person might fall into the category of an acquaintance.

I interact with people all across this country and also in Europe, Australia, Asia, etc. I guarantee you that 99% of the people that I tweet with I will never meet in person. So why would I let someone that I only know through this social media application hurt my feelings? Why would I care what they said about me? They know as much about me as I do them which is really very little.

If someone begins to toss insults at me, I mostly ignore them. I really don’t care. They don’t sign my paycheck, or pay my bills, nor are they someone that I really care about. Also, if the abuse continues unabated, I can easily unfollow the person so that I don’t see their tweets. That’s always my first action.

If it continues beyond that because that person has gone into some sort of rage over being unfollowed by me, well there’s always the block button. Worst case, is I make my account private. In any case though, I don’t do any of these things because my feelings have been damaged. It’s just because I don’t want to hear from the asshat.

At that point, they’re welcome to make any and all disparaging remarks about me that they want. I didn’t care in the first place, and now that I don’t see them, I care even less (can I care less than zero?).

It’s just a stupid social media application people. Don’t let yourself be drawn in to useless “wars” with people that you don’t actually know and will probably really never meet. Have fun out there, and be careful what personal information you allow others to know about you.

Don’t allow some faceless keyboard jockey hurt you. You can’t really be hurt, and you shouldn’t give a damn.

2 thoughts on “It’s Just Twitter, People

  1. Wise advice, I do my best to sit back and try to laugh at the drama rather then get involved in it, because really, there is no point in building rancor over tweets. Sadly though, for some reason, I doubt those who make a living of the collective butthurt of their in-group will stop “warring”. If only there was a way to keep them to their own corner of the internet. In the meantime, I’ll make myself a bowl of hot buttered dramacorn and sit back and relax until they figure out what we already know.


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