I Pissed Off a Christian Today

I usually refuse to debate Christians on any level. I find it a frustrating and mostly unproductive use of my time. But sometimes, the stupid, it just burns and when someone makes a completely idiotic statement, well, I have to say something.

We were discussing politics. I broke a rule: Never discuss politics, especially at work. With everything that doesn’t seem to be happening in D.C. lately though, both of us seemed to have the same point of view that Congress needs to do something now .
We started discussing the election next year and the Throw all the Bums Out meme I’ve been seeing across the Internet recently. I actually agree with that sentiment because the atmosphere in D.C. has come to the point where our current elective representatives, in both houses of Congress, are not working for the people that elected them, but for special interests.
I told him we needed people in Congress that were not going to place their votes based on any political or social agenda and that I would not vote for anyone that stood for either, especially a social agenda that denied rights to women, LGBT, or any other disaffected minority in the country.
Silence. I got the look. You know what that is don’t you. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it because, as I said, I really don’t bother trying to discuss or debate with Christians. I also don’t know if he is aware that I’m an atheist, although I have never hidden that fact from anyone. He does know I am a conservative and seemed genuinely surprised at my statement. As if conservatives have to walk lock step together toward the same goals. I find that offensive. I find it offensive when I hear the same about liberals.
I explained to him that the problem with current-day “conservatives” is that they are not conservative at all. They are neo-conservatives that are attempting to push their social agenda on the rest of the country. They are trying to place the babble (no, I didn’t use that word, but that’s what I call it) above the Constitution. I told him in essence that these people were no better than the Islamists that want to impose their fundamentalist version of religion not only within their countries, but all around the world.
I find it somewhat disheartening that we keep electing these types to not only our federal offices, but our state and local as well. Look at Texas this past summer as the perfect example. Can’t get your way in the first special session, call a second and ram it down their throats.
Of course, after my “brief” speech, he really had nothing to say. He attempted to argue abortion rights, but I shot him down as that there was nothing in the Constitution that would prevent a woman having an abortion. Gay marriage? Same. No babble involved here because this country was founded on secular principles. All anyone has to do is just fucking read the Constitution to discover that.
At this point, well, the discussion ended. Please don’t get me wrong, the person I am referring to is a very nice guy. I really like him a lot. Sometimes though, people need to get a swift kick in the ass and wake up and realize that their personal beliefs should not dictate how the rest of us live.

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