What Do You Actually Believe?


Recently, I came across one of those online surveys (I’m not sure what else to call it) that after answering a series of questions, places the respondent into a certain political category. We’ve all seen these before, where at the end the person, based on their answers, are rated as liberal or conservative, authoritarian or libertarian.  the questions themselves are innocuous enough, very straightforward, as to what the person thinks/believes in several different areas. I was intrigued, as a conservative, where I would place on their scale.

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No Sense in Hiding Anymore


Note: Satire attempted here.

I’ve decided to come. out, Yes, it’s time I let my readers here know exactly who I am. I’ve fought these feelings for most of my life but I’ve come to the conclusion at this point in my life I can no longer try to appear to be someone I am not. In fact, most people I know already suspect, they’ve just never had the nerve to confront me. I thought I had kept all of this well hidden,; maybe there was a slip of the tongue, or laughing at what may have been an inappropriate joke that gave others a clue, so its without any trepidation that now, everyone will know what some have long thought.

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The Conservative Atheist Wasteland


I recently read a post over at Atheist Revolution concerning what liberal atheists thought about we conservative atheists. Suffice to say I was not surprised.  It’s clear to me that most liberals cannot come to grasp the thought of someone being an atheist and a conservative, as if that were some sort of dichotomy. None can really even describe what a conservative is, beyond the bible-thumping evangelical type so they just don’t believe a conservative can be a non-believer.

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