No Sense in Hiding Anymore


Note: Satire attempted here.

I’ve decided to come. out, Yes, it’s time I let my readers here know exactly who I am. I’ve fought these feelings for most of my life but I’ve come to the conclusion at this point in my life I can no longer try to appear to be someone I am not. In fact, most people I know already suspect, they’ve just never had the nerve to confront me. I thought I had kept all of this well hidden,; maybe there was a slip of the tongue, or laughing at what may have been an inappropriate joke that gave others a clue, so its without any trepidation that now, everyone will know what some have long thought.

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The Conservative Atheist Wasteland


I recently read a post over at Atheist Revolution concerning what liberal atheists thought about we conservative atheists. Suffice to say I was not surprised.  It’s clear to me that most liberals cannot come to grasp the thought of someone being an atheist and a conservative, as if that were some sort of dichotomy. None can really even describe what a conservative is, beyond the bible-thumping evangelical type so they just don’t believe a conservative can be a non-believer.

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