Encourage Aneris to Blog More

There’s a Twitter friend I have and I mentioned her on a previous post. She’s an incredible person in my opinion. I want to encourage her to blog more.

The few posts she has online are incredibly crafted. Her prose is intertwined with the individual theme so well that these posts are a pleasure to read.
Here’s the interesting thing about Aneris though. She’s German. That’s not meant to be a slight, but to emphasize the command of the English language, as well as rhetoric, she has.
I’m trying to encourage her to write more. I hope that after you sample what she’s already written, you will as well. After you read, please tweet her @Aneris23 and let her know.
i know you will.

5 thoughts on “Encourage Aneris to Blog More

  1. She is one of the sharpest minds at the SlymePit. I don’t always agree with her and when I don’t it’s annoying because I know she will be insightful and backup her insights with facts and evidence.

    It’s possible, or perhaps a joke gone awry, that she will stop participating there.

    If so I shall shake my tiny fist at you repeatedly.


    • I agree. I’ve seen her write the equivalence of a blog post on the pit many times. The problem is that not that many people get to see what is being said.


  2. Aneris is a boy, iirc.

    I do love Aneris so! Ze always adds profound insight to a conversation, and/or raises stimulating questions. And ever polite, a rare commodity at the ‘Pit. A bit less wall o’ wonderist in hir writing, though, would improve the impact of the content.

    Get back in the saddle, Aneris F. Nord!


  3. That’s super nice! Thanks for the encouragements and compliments y’all! 😀 It truly is motivating. I work freelance on projects and at times I pretend to have no time and like to just waste it on random comments, hence I don’t get around to do Serious Business and write for the blog. I hope to improve on that. Among some other things.

    It is interesting that some people remember that I claimed some gender. I never did. It is not uncommon for writers to have personas that are of the same, or of a different gender, even JK Rowling wrote under a male nickname.

    And how did it happen? I was relatively new on Pharyngula when people threw around the Slymepit word and claimed it was a hive of misogyny. It seemed to be important, which then prompted me to look for it myself instead of just believing their word. To avoid the silly ban-on-sight policy of PZ Myers (I didn’t do anything wrong, just wanted to find out), I had to pick a different name. So there was perhaps one reason to pick a female name to find out about the misogyny charge.

    Aneris is a female character, true, but I never lied about my actual gender behind the screen. I left it unanswered. I just really hate the identity/gender politcs game that has crept in and just wanted to pick a Discordian nickname, then saw this funny gif animation and so I ended up with that combination. That was another reason. So far there seems to be an even split in assumptions. Incidentially, my clearly male nickname I used elsewhere, somehow made some people think I was female. Which might have added a third reason. In any case, I was already in the situation that somebody’s expectations would be disappointed.

    PS: I don’t need particular language games, you can refer to me in any way you want, whatever floats your boat. Since Aneris is a female character, you can just use that. Or not. The only thing I don’t want is being a pawn in this gender/identity politics game. Besides, I expect most people to think I am male. Alan Moore is a male thing, I guess and that 4chan gif animation isn’t really womanly, either. But maybe that’s also just a trick to throw you off. Who knows. The idea here: it’s not important. ;D

    PPS: it’s the Slymepit’s fault. I came in, apparently female, in support of feminism (true), and nobody yelled at me. It was a very different experience from Pharyngula just weeks prior, which had a ultra hostile climate to anyone new.


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