Why I Left Twitter

Well, I didn’t really give up Twitter. I just decided to place it on pause for a while. May I explain?

I as sitting home last week, with my Little One(that’s how I refer to my near eight-year-old daughter). Her Mom had to work late so, after supper, she was playing a game on the PS3. I was, of course, perusing my timeline on Twitter and having some “conversations” with others.
At one point, my daughter said, “Daddy! Look what I just did.” I told her “That’s great!”, even though I had no idea what she was referring to at the time. I saw in her eyes that she knew as well.
Guilt. Children can do that to you, not that parents don’t deserve it. I was clearly not paying attention, nor was I a participant in something that my child finds entertaining. The look I received, although not really disapproving, more sad, hit me hard.
A bit later, her Mom came to pick her up and for a while, I thought nothing more. But the incident was there. I started thinking more and more; more and more guilty, and at that point decided, “I’m done” with Twitter.
Twitter is almost an addiction. For some people that I “know” over the medium, it is an addiction. When I see people online from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed, well, that’s a addiction. That was me.
I’ve often asked the question of my peers (my age group) and younger people what they’d do if, overnight, there were no Internet. No cable or satellite television. Cell phones will not work. The given being is that there’s still electricity and gas delivered. They can still keep warm(or cool) and cook their food. No interruptions in food deliveries to their local markets; no interruption with filling their vehicles. What would they do?
Note that some of these Internet mediums we use are fairly recent. How would you react?
Some I asked couldn’t respond. We’ve become so used to this medium over the past 20 years that losing it, even for a short time, becomes a burden to a lot of people. The younger ones that I query, those that have grown up in this age of instant access to anyone around the world, well, they basically “freak out”. They’ve never known a day without having any type of online access to any resources they want.
I smile.
I sometimes see people online that “try” to define themselves there. Especially on Twitter. Do I really believe all that I read there? Well, no, I don’t. There are people that want to attract comments from others based on what they say. Basically, those people are not only dishonest with others, but with themselves as well.
I always try to say what I mean on Twitter and I am familiar with and follow a slew of others that do the same. I’m not indicting anyone. I’m not asking anyone to deactivate their account.
What I’ve realized though is that there are more important things in my life. What I did was make Twitter, and other online forums, a replacement…no, a substitute, for my real life. I’m not going to do that anymore.
I actually have a lot of other interests. If you’re curious, ask in the comments. I’ve placed a lot of projects “ on hold” while I waste my time typing mostly nonsense o forums like Twitter.
The main thing is? I’m not going to miss another second of my daughter’s life because I’m too busy with my fake, online life.

2 thoughts on “Why I Left Twitter

  1. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you on Twitter lately, and now I know. Sounds like a wise decision. It seems to me that some people do not distinguish between what I still think of as “real life” and the online life we have on the Internet. For me, they have always been separate things – one real and one just another activity.


  2. Its amazing to me how much time people spend on Twitter daily. when I started evaluating myself, I realized I was spending an inordinate amount of time. “Wasting” time when I could be doing something more productive.


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