Atheist Church – Let’s All Sing ‘Kumbaya’

I always considered the idea of an Atheist Church a really silly idea.

I understand the need for some Atheists to be able to come together if for nothing else than mutual support since, at least in the United States, we’re polled being less trusted than almost any other group. What purpose though does it serve to have a meeting, in a church-like atmosphere, when Atheists have always been against organized religion? I think Madalyn Murray-O’Hare would be turning in her grave.
It looks ridiculous to me; A Sunday morning gathering, some music and singing, and something referred to as a “sermon”. Sound a little familiar? The actual purpose of these gatherings allude me and the formation of these churches or assemblies seem to validate what religionists have always said about Atheism: just another religion. On the surface, it certainly appears that way to me.
So, I’ve wanted nothing to do with these Sunday meetings. They aren’t huge so far, but it does appear to be slowly spreading. I personally believe that most Atheists will have nothing to do with these “congregations” and find that they will become more of an obstacle to our individual and collective goal of removing religion from the public square.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Atheists, Skeptics, Humanists, etc. gathering together. Does it have to resemble a church service? I like the idea of getting together with other like minded people to discuss, even debate issues that we believe will affect people’s lives. We learn from one another by listening to ideas and opinions we may never have considered before. These gatherings, in my case, are held in a local coffee shop, and yes, they’re on Sundays. In the afternoon. There’s no singing or preaching, just a fun time sitting around a table talking about our families, maybe some local or even national politics, whatever else that someone may be interested in that day. The event is completely unstructured with the exception of the place and time.
I recently brought up the topic of “Atheist Churches”. There were some pretty good laughs and no one in our small group could understand why anyone would want to emulate a Sunday Christian service. Most were aware that there were some Atheists forming these gatherings, but like me, were confused about the purpose. We never came a conclusion.
Unfortunately, I think we’ll be hearing more about this in the future, and from the wrong quarter. Yes, get ready to start seeing news stories about these “churches” with the reporters interviewing, of course, believers. And be prepared to become embarrassed by the interviews with the Atheist “pastors” and attendees.
Well, as long as they don’t start singing Kumbaya, I guess we can try to ignore it for now.

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