More Blogging, More Skepticism

Bloggers often wonder how they can increase their readership. I know I do and one thing I really believe I could do is to blog more often.

The reason for that is people become used to seeing new content published at least on a daily basis. Some people blog a lot more, commenting on everything under the sun. I don’t because I want to use this meduim for topics I find interesting and hopefully, others will as well. I also want to focus as much as I am able to on Skepticism, without tramping in the yards of others that are already covering the woo-specific skeptical topics.
It’s doubtful that you’ll ever see posts here regarding those subjects. It’s not that they aren’t interesting to me, but I see other people doing a much better job than I would be able to so why bother? I also am not interested in debunking religion very much. Most, if not all the readers here would agree that religion is bunk and since I don’t have a background in theology or ancient history, I would rather leave that subject to those that are better prepared than I am. Also, I’m lazy and don’t want to spend the hours of research it would take me to write something intelligible.
So, I beleve the best I can do is to try to write a bit more often than I have in the recent past on topics that I hope readers will find interesting and informative.There’s a lot of stupidity in the world and I will try to point that out whenever I see it. Yes, some of it has to do with religion, but not from a theological persepctive. Some of it is political and stupidity doesn’t have a favorite party or ideology.
Although I’m not tweeting as much as I used to, I still puruse Twitter for interesting topics but mostly what I see out there is (at least the skeptics/Atheists I follow) is how left-wing that world is and how people seem to buy into everything the far left outlets have to say and never even consider that there’s not only a right-wing agenda, but a left one as well.
for example, see all the tweets/stories about the Evil Koch Brothers, but no one ever stops to think about who funds sites like ThinkProgress and MediaMatters. George Soros anyone? Yeah, you know, that multi-billionaire hedge fund manager? Does anyone actually think he is really interested in the problems of the poor and middle class? If you do, you’re fooling yourself.
So, I’m probably going to start posting a bit more on stories I see from the left and right. What I try to do, always having my skepticism cap on my head is to see where the truth begins and ends – on each side. I want to become informed as to what agendas are being played out.
The better we are all informed about what’s going on in the world, the less likely we will fall into a trap of believing just what we’re being told we should believe.
The other side is not evil or looking to destroy your way of life – no matter which side you happen to be on at this time. As Skeptics, we should know that opinion isn’t fact and also that there are times when facts are manipulated for someone else’s gain.

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