Can We Just Talk?

I see people complain about various social media platforms that they’re not very good at having a real discussion or debate on  any topic. Today, there was a tweet that said just that and I had to respond.


No, I’m not including both tweets, just that we continue to use all forms of social media to vent our anger, disparage ideologies we dislike, throw verbal bombs at individuals we happen to dislike – even though, in most cases, we’ve never met the person to whom we’re bomb throwing.


Well, I guess it’s a consequence of the technology we’re all privileged to have access to today. Imagine if you had to pay a monthly fee to Facebook or Twitter for your account. Would you pay for that? Some would for sure. I suggest though that both of these social media companies would have magnitudes less subscribers if people had to pay a monthly access fee.


We continue though to attempt to have reasoned discussions even debates concerning relevant topics of the day. Are Republicans evil? Are Democrats just stupid? How about all those tweets I see daily where someone is debating a creationist on Twitter?


In the example of creationists, and christians in general no one that I’ve interacted with has ever said that  1) They converted a creationist to an evolutionist and 2) Those christians ever gave up their beliefs. So, I ask you my readers: What’s the point?


The same goes for the radical feminists that really believe that one-in-four men are actual rapists. How do you counter that? They site “statistics” that don’t conform to any relevant sites that report on rape statistics. In any country, by the way. Of course we can discount majority Muslim countries that don’t report at all. Or these countries report little.


So why do we continue with this nonsense? I admit, I am one of those that do  this but would really like to have substantive discussions with other like-minded people.


I was a regular on the “Chill Girls” podcast, but it doesn’t seem we’re going to be able to get this together soon. I don’t blame anyone. I travel a bit and Renee is really busy with her job. Here’s what I’m thinking: I’ll sign up for my own account and do my own podcast.


There are a lot of good people out there Ive interviewed in the past and several I’d like to get on the record.  Now I know that there are dozens, if not hundreds of podcasts you can listen to and participate in; but is it worth my time to create my own? Would you listen?


Let me know via the comments. Instead of debating/discussing over Twitter or some other form of social media, we can all talk and here diverse opinions on any topic.
BTW: One of the people I’d absolutely love to have on is vjack. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Can We Just Talk?

  1. I’m sorry about not being able to get back to the podcast. I get so little time with the hubby with this new job, weekends are becoming like gold ’round here.

    As far as debate on social media, think about it – there are the same results in non-social media debates. So the question then becomes “why debate at all?”


    • All I’m really saying here is that it’s really difficult to hold a discussion/debate in 140 character bites. A podcast for 30 or 60 minutes can delve deeper into topics.


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