Asking Someone on a Date is Now Harassment

I’ve been seeing some people tweet about a certain rad-fem’s latest pronouncement on Twitter, but until just a while ago, I didn’t really have time to actually look at what these others were referring.

I pulled up this site, which has some of the story line, to see what the kerfuffle (I like that word) is all about. So, it seems that a young man at a high school asked the current reigning Miss America to attend prom with him. Okay, maybe not the smartest limb on the tree, but its Ms. Marcotte’s response to this I find incredulous.


I often wonder when I see things like this if the person that made the statement really believes what they’re tweeting or are they looking for some attention? In the case of Ms. Marcotte , based on articles I’ve seen of hers and some tweets in the past, my answer would be “yes, she believes what she’s tweeting”.

I don’t know what kind of blowback she received other than what you see at the site linked above, but it appears it was mild. Of course, this is a conservative leaning site and they may have not included any really harsh responses.

This statement speaks volumes about the radical feminists don’t you think? Asking someone on a date is now considered sexual harassment. I wonder if the situation were reversed and the person asking were a young woman to a famous man, would she still consider this as sexual harassment? Or would it, in her words, be “cute”.

Remember a few years ago when a Marine asked Mila Kunis to attend the Marine Ball with him? She did. Did Ms. Marcotte consider that sexual harassment as well? How about the female Marine that asked Justin Timberlake to the same Marine Ball? A quick search in Google found nothing for either. But then, maybe Ms. Marcotte had never considered dating or asking someone on a date as harassment at that time.

People’s views evolve…

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