All I Did Was Tweet a Link – With Some Added Snark

So another day, another blog about Twitter. This time, I’m the fiend apparently.

This morning, I sent out a tweet based on a post I read from Powerline. Yeah, I know they’re conservative/libertarian, but unlike a lot of people, and being a self-described conservative, I try to read a lot of points of view. Yes, even those of liberals/progressives.
I found the short post interesting and tweeted it. Note I did not alter the headline; all I did was add a comment, admittedly a bit snarky, to the end. Check the responses I received from one “Proud FTBully” as he describes himself in his profile:


Note my original tweet is at the top. the other person’s  responses start at the bottom. Let me dissect it.

His first two tweets back at me had to do with the charges, which the blog post does mention. Using a megaphone and no permit to assemble.  Had he actually read the article though, he might have discovered that those charges were dropped.

He then gives me “Kudos” for supporting this man that was arrested. I never said anything about supporting anyone. All I did was tweet a link to a post I found interesting.

He then proceeds to call the accused person of being a “racist douchebag”, and goes on to assume that I tweeted this because of the Slymepit. Full disclosure: I have an account on the Slymepit but have not logged in or commented there since last summer.  Also, he’s accusing someone (I’ve never heard of, BTW) of being a racist for some anti-Islam comments; specifically, quoting a passage from a book written by Winston Churchill. I don’t know otherwise if the person accused in the article is actually a racist or not.Tthe article doesn’t address anything else than what it does.

Let me set this part of the record straight: Islam is not a race, it’s a religion.  If governments were to arrest people for making anti-religious statements, then all of us that are atheists might be rounded up and placed in prison. So let’s all stop with that, can we? Being anti-Islam does not make one a racist.

His last tweet to me makes me think that I actually support the person accused. As I said a moment ago, I don’t even know who this guy is, let alone what he stands for, or his party. I have little interest in U.K. politics. Hell, I don’t have that much interest in U.S. politics. All I did was tweet a story about a guy that might be sent to prison for two years for what the police in the U.K. are deeming “hate speech”. I found it interesting. I thought I might get some feedback from a few of my U.K. tweeps (of which this one is not) possibly explaining this situation to me.

As you can see, I never responded to any of his tweets. It was apparent to me that he was looking for some sort of argument. I just moved on. I thought the experience was interesting enough though to write here about it. Note I haven’t defamed this tweeter; just reporting what I tweeted versus his multiple responses. A bit hate-filled in my opinion – not at me I don’t believe – about another person I doubt he even knows (but I don’t know that either), and he is against that person’s politics. I guess he’s afraid this person will win the election. He did say something about “supporting the winning candidate”. I didn’t know if he was being facetious or not.

This just proves the point I made yesterday, about treating people with decency. There are some that never will. They want to scream at the top of their voices. They don’t want any debate on any issues they’ve already decided for the rest of us.

What do you think? Of course dissenting views are always welcome here. I just ask that the conversation not devolve into screaming matches.



2 thoughts on “All I Did Was Tweet a Link – With Some Added Snark

  1. It has become clear to me that some people just don’t understand how Twitter works. I discovered I was wasting too much time explaining that re-tweeting something does not mean I agree with 100% of it or that I use favorites to trigger an IFTTT recipe to send the content to my Pocket account for later reading. Thus, I favorite things I haven’t had a chance to read yet so I can read them later and not because I necessarily like them.

    I’ve decided I really don’t owe anybody such explanations, and I have generally stopped giving them. If somebody wants to get upset over their own ignorance, I suppose that is his or her call. I’ve got more than enough to do as it is.


  2. I ended up going back and forth with him last evening over Twitter. It was pretty much a waste of time. I’ve decided that I won’t do that again.

    I do the same. I tweet out articles I’ve found that are interesting to me and may be interesting to others.


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