Get Over Yourself!

All I can say is, well, I’m really not surprised anymore. How some people can be so sensitive over, well, nothing.

A slur, or a perceived slur? I’m not so sure. Okay, maybe the tweeter at the Secular Council should’ve been more sensitive to someone else’s self perception, but good grief! How many of us have been referred to worse on Twitter? I know I have.

Yep, for your entertainment, here’s the blog links , here, here, here, and finally, here.

And since it’s apparent you can’t count, that’s “round 4”.

The tweet in question has been called, you guessed it, online harassment. Really? Well, may I give some advice to everyone out there that is 1) So narcissistic that they have to search to see if their name is mentioned anywhere on the Internet, and 2) That even the most minor slight (as perceived) is harassment. Stop looking for every time someone mentions you, or you think some tweet is referring to you. If all else fails, and you believe someone on Twitter is trolling you, BLOCK them. It’s really that simple.

I want to say here what I’ve said on Twitter at least twice. The Secular Council will never get a break from The Usual Suspects. They’ll look for any perceived slight towards themselves or anything they’re involved in. But here’s what I really think: They’re jealous that they weren’t invited to be on the council itself. Well, why would you want to invite a group of people that spew nothing but hate towards those they are either jealous of or disagree with? Would you? I wouldn’t.

Some people need to get over themselves. you’re not that important.

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