How To Win Friends and Influence People

Sometimes I wonder what it is about certain people that think nothing of spreading allegations about a person or an organization, with only anecdotal evidence – at best.

In this case, are the attacks on D.J. Grothe (president of JREF) because TAM is quickly approaching? I don’t know but it’s really disappointing that there has to be all of this spite and rage going on in the secular community (notice I didn’t use “skeptic” – I don’t consider people like these as skeptics.).
Here’s a video – view at your own discretion and try not to be nauseated by it. In this video, Ms. Watson describes Mr. Grothe, well, not kindly. It’s funny to me that for a few years though, she was happy to take their money for attending TAM. Now because of her and others trashing of the JREF organization and TAM specifically, they’ve become personae-non-gratia.

Evidence for any of her statements? Well, a blog post from a friend of hers. I was tempted not to link the post, since there’s nothing in it that would actually provide real evidence of any psycopathy, but well, here.
Judge for yourself.

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