Three Letters, Two Meanings

A little palette cleanser for this morning. It’s just too funny on one hand and sad on the other to pass up making a comment.

I believe this says a lot about our public school system, I’m not proposing we scrap the system, but it’s in serious need of reform if we want our children to have any chance to compete in the world when they grow up.

We’ve all seen examples like this before. I recall last year sometime there was a picture of teachers protesting somewhere with handmade signs. With spelling errors on the signs. Teachers.

Whether you’re a parent or not, we should all be concerned about the state of our education system. It seems our national and state governments are constantly looking for quick fixes. Remember “No Child Left Behind”? What an utter disaster that turned out to be over time.

Now we have “Common Core” and although at the outset it appears to be beneficial, call me cynical for not believing that government is going to solve our education crisis. Yes, I just said crisis.

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