Fake Outrage

I’ve had a conversation in the comments about my being condescending (other other person’s term) to those that are easily offended on social media, specifically Twitter.

I can completely understand what is being said in the comments he’s made, and I really appreciate straightforward commentary on anything I write about but I don’t think he sees the point I’ve been trying to make. I don’t blame him; it’s my fault for not being clear enough. So, I’m going to give it another try.

I ended by telling him that it’s fake outrage. Here’s my exact comment:

My point is, I don’t think this person was actually “offended”. This person was looking for an excuse to cry “offense” or “harassment”. It’s known as fake outrage. All this person does, when convenient, is attempt to stir up drama where none exists. Here’s the way I’ve seen it work: find something someone says on line, hopefully an “atheist luminary” that I can interpret as either offense to me or a group I’m sympathetic to. Cry harassment, bullying, misogyny, etc. Get my supporters to dog pile that person. Become an Internet hero.

This is my hypothesis, based on a single experience with the person whom I was referring. Anecdotally, others have told me they’ve had a similar experience.

The last sentence, I really wanted to use the word “Profit.”

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