Do any of you ever watch Jake Tapper on CNN?

I think he’s one of the best on television. He doesn’t give anyone a break. It’s refreshing to actually see interviews that are not fawning or just plain stupid. I follow him on Twitter. Here’s a great tweet from just a bit ago:

Ain’t that the truth? I really think his show is the one that’s currently saving CNN. I used to really love watching CNN news. Now, except for his program, not so much. I’d really like to see CNN hire more people like him.

We’re so misinformed most of the time and a lot of people don’t even realize that they’re being duped. Of course, I don’t think the “reporters” and producers for the most part realize that they’re misinforming the public.

The real problem is the “race to be first” to a story without stopping to actually check the factual content. Anyone come to mind?

Take a look from my earlier post on the survey of which news channels Americans prefer.

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