#TwitterTheocracy: Don’t Worry, the U.N. Will Take Care of It

I really haven’t been following this today, you know, the new hashtag, #TwitterTheocracy.

I did notice some tweets in my timeline when I had a chance to peruse but didn’t have any idea as to what this new hashtag was about.

If you’re like me and don’t know the background of this, see Hemants blog. It’s a nice summary of the controversy. This is a terrible violation of speech. I do understand Twitter’s reason though: they don’t want to have a country block the service in it’s entirety so blocking a few is better than blocking it all.

How’s that again? Understand that free speech is not considered a human right and if you look carefully around the world, there are only a handful of countries that guarantee their citizens the right to free speech. Forget about the Middle East for a moment, look at countries like China and Russia, just to name two.

Is there anything we can do? I’ve seen an online petition that you can attach your name to to make (someone?) live up to this. Oh wait, it’s a United Nations article. Here’s the specific article referred to in the post. Yep, I’m certain they’re going to jump right in and solve this problem.

The U.N., in my opinion, the the most useless organization in the history of human kind. It’s absolutely laughable and also a bit naive to believe that this most corrupt of organizations will do anything to stand up for human rights. Have they ever?

What can be done though is keep telling Twitter we users don’t approve. It sounds weak to say that but we can also start boycotting some of their big advertisers. I’m not generally a fan of that tactic, but it sure gets the attention of businesses.

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