Stupid Reigns

I sometimes, well always can’t believe the amount of vitriol I see on Twitter leveled at Republicans.

It also has to do some of the stores tweeted out as well, you know from those unbiased sources like Daily Kos, Media Matters, Mother Jones, etc.

I’m going to make a jump here that most of the people in my timeline that tweet out these things are completely ideological. These are the kinds of people that wouldn’t listen to opposing views, ever. It’s not just the “right wingers” that walk around with blinders on and in both cases people need to be more skeptical about what they read (I keep saying that, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.).

Really, a lot of the crap I see coming out from the far left and far right is just that: crap. Of course, I don’t reply in Twitter to any of this type of nonsense. I just shake my head.

Sometimes, you just can’t fix what isn’t there to fix.

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