Let Me Tell You What You Mean

I love it when people try to tell me what I meant in a conversation, or even a blog.

I use the word “amazing” quite bit on this site and I do not use it without cause. So now there’s some manufactroversey about a video that came out about the multiple murders recently in California. You know, the 6 innocents killed by someone to me was clearly deranged.

So this vblogger on YouTube, Jaclyn Glenn, made a couple of videos where she mentioned that the reason for this nut to commit these atrocities was not just misogyny as what all of us heard about on the web or even television after the murders.

We know how these things go, and then after a few days we discover that the person did have some other issues or motive.

So this blog has decided to correct the record and tell Ms. Glenn what she really said and what she meant. It’s ludicrous.

Okay, you can infer what you wish from anything anyone says. That doesn’t make it true. It’s helpful to have a filter so that all you hear is anti-feminist.

But please start using some valid sources for your definitions(maybe a dictionary would help). I know it’s hard to do research using Google, but hey it’s there and it’s free.

Special interest groups does not mean “groups with interests that are opposed to my interests” as you state but a group of people with shared interests or concerns and would like to have an affect on political or social policy. Name the area, I’m sure there’s a group.

Why is it when anyone makes even the most innocuous comment, or that they happen to disagree with certain people that not everything equates to misogyny, they’re immediately attacked?


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