Pay Attention To Me!

Often when I get up in the morning, I have an idea for a quick post. This morning was no different.

When I logged in here I noticed something that is unusual for this blog: I had a huge amount (for me) of hits overnight. They were on one post I quickly scribbled out last evening. This one.

So after writing the other post, I was sitting on my patio, having a cup of coffee and wondered why this one post received so much attention? I mean, it isn’t special in anyway. I wasn’t clever and the post, to me, was rather mundane.

It hit me. the key word if you didn’t catch it, is attention. This person was crying for someone, anyone, to simply pay attention to them. Like a small child.

I should’ve realized this last evening when after posting, I was tweeted by someone that said “she’s done this before, 3-4 times”. I think that’s the giveaway and I’ll admit to be a bit slow on the uptake.

I think we can all help this person quit “organized skepticism”. Let’s deny her the Twitter, blog hit attention she apparently needs to validate herself.

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