Call The Internet Police!

Some people are too easily offended.

What I really enjoy about the Internet is the freedom it allows me to (mostly) read and write what I want. Sure, anyone can step over a legal line because there’ll legal lines in every country. Unless I purposefully libel someone though, I am free to say whatever I want on any software platform that’s available to me.

Or am I? We’ve all seen how Twitter, the Protector of Free Speech, has regularly suspended users for bullying or harassment of another user. In some cases it’s justified. No one wants someone stalking them on the Internet. Those people will make some sort of threat or attempt to find your family members, even employer, to tell them what a bad person you are. Those people should be suspended.

There’s the other type that will report for mentioning their name in a tweet, or “@”ing them in tweets while mentioning something they’ve said in a derisive manner. That’s something different. I can always block those users that do that. I don’t need or want to see those tweets. I certainly wouldn’t encourage them by ever responding.

How about being mentioned in other blogs? Someone may not like me and tell their readers what a piece of crap I am? Well, theres a lot of blogs and I really don’t have time to do Internet searches on my name constantly to find out not only wo’s talking about me, but what they may be saying. I just don’t care that much.

I truly believe there is a faction of Internet denizens that would like more Internet policing. Some cant stand any legitimate criticism of anything they post online. Some would like to be the rule makers of what may or may not be posted on any forum.

Beware what you ask for, regulations seem to come back and bite everyone, even those that first championed them as a good idea.

So, offended much by the Internet? Spend less time there. Try not to be stupid. Don’t worry about stranger’s opinion about you.

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