A PSA For Men

Do “real men” really need to be told this?

I really tired of these “Public Service Announcements” from SJW’s that seem to operate in a bubble.
Not all men are rapists murderers or misogynists.
While I’m at it, what’s considered a real man?
Please stop with the nonsense.

2 thoughts on “A PSA For Men

  1. While I agree that this particular message is a bit silly, it does not imply that all men are rapists, murderers or misogynists. Nor is there, to my knowledge, a single SJW who has claimed so. If there is then provide the name and a link or citation. Otherwise stop repeating this obviously true statement, again because no one is actually saying it.

    As for a real man, all men are real. There are as many versions of real men as there are men.

  2. There are aspects of our culture that can weaken negative attitudes toward rape (e.g., male sexual entitlement, sexism, the sexual double standard, some aspects of traditional masculinity). I’m all for these being pointed out and hopefully changed over time. My experience has been that much of this is harmful to both women and men. And yet, attitudes toward rape are quite negative. Most men are fully aware that rape is unacceptable. Throughout my life, my family, friends, schools, laws, and many positive aspects of our culture have all made it quite clear to me that rape is unacceptable. I suspect this is true of most men.

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