Theists Say the Dumbest Things

So I saw a tweet on my timeline a bit earlier. I actually had to stop and think about this for a few minutes.

I’m not an atheist because I didn’t receive love from my father. My father has been dead now for a little over 7 years and he was a great man in my view. He loved his children very much and displayed that love all the time.

In fact, it’s most likely I am an atheist because of him. He escaped religion (he came from a very religious family) when he was drafted in WWII and never looked back. He never disparaged believers, at least openly, but I could always tell he thought religion was bunk, even as a child.

My favorite quote from him (to me) concerning the afterlife? “When you’re dead, you’re dead. There’s nothing else”

Although he never declared, at least in front of me, he was an atheist, and vice versa by the way. We both knew.

I will always miss him.

2 thoughts on “Theists Say the Dumbest Things

  1. It’s worse than that one tweet. Joy Overbeck has an entire column on the subject on She quotes from a book by Prof. Paul Vitz, who gives us lots of anecdotal evidence showing how many famous atheists in history grew up without fathers. And of course all of the famous Christians in the piece had STRONG fathers.

    What really frosts me is the constant references to “militant” atheists. Militant? Are we the ones ringing doorbells to hand out literature, or collaring people for donations outside of the supermarket or preaching on street corners?


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