Happy Atheist? Just Human.

Does anyone that knows you’re an atheist ask you if you are happy?

From time to time I receive that question and I find it curious. I’m a normal human being. There are times I’m happy and other times I’m not. I’m no different in any aspect of my humanity than they are but for some reason there are those that believe we’re angry at life and unhappy with our lives.

I often come back to them after explaining that I’m no different than they are and ask them if they’re happy. Well, of course they are. All the time? No. Hate your job sometimes? Yes. Become angry when things are going your way? Sometimes.

So why do they believe, or at least think that atheists are different from the remainder of society? Sometimes from the theist-types it’s because we “don’t have god” or Jesus or something. For the rest? They really have no response to that question.

I believe it’s because society has been indoctrinated for so long about atheists that it’s hard to believe that, with one exception, we’re just like they are.

I hope we can do more to inform others of that fact.

2 thoughts on “Happy Atheist? Just Human.

  1. Yes! We are just human. Sometimes we are happy; sometimes we are not. It drives me crazy when atheists try to combat this particular stereotype by feigning perpetual happiness. Seems dishonest. Your point about how we are just like the religious minus the god belief is much better.


    • That perpetual smile you see on some is almost “churchy” to me. It reminds me as a former evangelical attending church where everyone had that “pasted smile” on their face. It was creepy.


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