Privilege Isn’t Magic

As a society we’ve evolved quite a bit in the last 30-40 years. No longer are gays forced to be ‘in the closet”, women, have more and better opportunities than ever. There’s less discrimination due to the color of a person’s skin.

Note I said we’ve evolved, not that we are at the penultimate of social equality. I don’t believe we ever will be and those that do think one day that every difference between humans will one day disappear? Those people need to stop watching Star Trek.

There’s a pervasive pattern of thought in society that we need to be aware of our own privilege. We discuss “privilege” (within certain circles) quite a bit. There are people that believe for instance that in order for any two people to have a discussion on any social subject, they both must be aware of the level of their privileged status and that (yes, I’ve heard this!) the one deemed to have greater privilege (by whom?) need defer to the one with the lesser.

The person with greater privilege of course is unable to understand any of the social, political, or economic concerns of the other. Therefore, any debate or discussion cannot occur. This is absolute nonsense.

Not just nonsense, but silly. One of the judgments people that espouse this nonsense do is automatically assign one’s privilege by race and gender. So automatically to some, if you’re a white man, you’re immediately privileged over, say, white women, and any person of color. I guess it’s okay to prejudge someone before you’ve ever met or spoken to them. It seems to be the way to Social Justice in someone’s mind. Not mine and hopefully, not the majority of you that are reading this. Sure, I’ll get some blowback from the usual SJW crowd. I don’t care.

When people tell me that before I can speak on a subject that I need to check my privilege?

I won’t.

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