Some Thoughts on Why No One Likes You

There are some that seem to be in a constant state of surprise that they can barely open their mouths, and they are attacked. This is usually on the Internet of course.

It’s anecdotal, but others I’ve spoken with tell me that this is true. I often ask if those others have a clue as to why they may be so disliked. The answer is invariably “no”.

Maybe it’s because you’re a sanctimonious twit with the personality of a corpse. No, wait, a corpse probably has a more personality than you.

Could it be every word out of your mouth offends someone because you know everything?

No one is allowed to offer any relevant information to a conversation because if they do, you cut it off. You’re invited to a party, then drive off all the other guests in short order because no one can stand to be around you.

You want to take the ball and go home if no one else will play by your rules but don’t realize that you don’t own the ball.

So what do you do? Surround yourself with your own kind. Declare victory over the masses of the unwashed that refuse to bow to your superiority.

While the rest of us party on.

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