Agenda Driven Skepticism

It’s time for skeptics to stand up to the stupid within our own community.

I’m not calling for a boycott of any individual or sub-group. I’m not asking for a shunning either. What I am calling for is for people that claim to be skeptical – they may even “represent” the community in some manner yet clearly have a personal agenda in whatever they do, to be called out.

Yes, name names. I see it on Twitter occasionally, some “skeptic” says something completely inane, and of course for a few hours, there’s infinite joking. That’s fine but in another sense, stupid people that have a spotlight shouldn’t just be joked about. There should be a level of outrage that goes along with it.
What’s really prolemmatic for me is that these people just don’t care. They don’t care the harm they’e causing as long as their personal agenda is somehow met. They attract people that perpetuate the stupid. We don’t need those people.

Let’s pull the rug out from under the idiots and charlatans within our own community.

2 thoughts on “Agenda Driven Skepticism

  1. So, you’d like to see more outrage on Twitter? I’m hoping we will soon tire of the call-out culture and move toward more productive criticism, but I suppose what you are saying here is likely to be far more popular.


    • Not on Twitter, but there’s plenty of (ahem) blogs out there that a lot of people read as well as some that write for professional publications. Twitter? It’s mainly a joke to me that on occassion provides some fodder.


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