Looking Down on Those That Disagree

Looks like someone else has upset Ms. Benson making a video she didn’t like much.

I don’t have the entire conversation, but this tweet is classic:

That’s right, Micah, she does look down on other feminists just as you pointed out. I’m sure she vehemently disagreed and that’s why you caved in :

It’s a shame people won’t stand by their words.

6 thoughts on “Looking Down on Those That Disagree

    • No. By the time I saw the tweets, he had already modified and reposted the video. Sorry. I imagine it was interesting though. Enough to provoke a response.


  1. Fleck states in the second tweet you posted that he removed the “unnecessary assumptive crap” in the video. I am assuming this is what Benson objected to. Since Fleck himself describes it as “unnecessary assumptive crap” it seems to me that she raised legitimate objections and that he was convinced of this. Why else use that particular language to remove whatever it was that he removed?

    As for your remark that you are sure he caved in, I don’t know how you can be sure that is what actually happened. From what little of the conversation we see here I don’t see this as Fleck “caving in.” This strikes me as someone recognizing an error once it was pointed out and doing what anyone should do when they make a mistake and acknowledge it.

    Of course neither of us can be sure of our interpretation of what occurred since we don’t have the full conversation, nor access to the original video. In such situations it is, I think, best not to speculate. To do so only reveals our prejudices rather than anything that illuminates.


    • It just appeared from the sequence that he immediately caved. There may have been other, private conversation that was unavailable.


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