Skeptic Wars: It’s Not About Winning

When we attack others that would otherwise be our allies, we do a great disservice to what ostensibly, both are trying to accomplish.

We can have disagreements and we often do. Those of us that claim to be on the same “side” disagree on some finer points of our shared community. We’re not as far as I can determine, entirely dismissive of one another.

The back and forth, the discussion, the debate, is something that I believe is healthy for skepticism. We’re not all marching to the same beat. We al have different life experiences that form some of our ideas. We investigate, self correct when necessary, persuade our friends to reconsider some cherished ideal when necessary.

There’s no ill intent that I’ve seen.

Saying all this, I am disturbed that there are some that either were a part of this community or still claim to be skeptics, want to constantly disparage others that refuse to acknowledge that theirs is the only true skepticism. Any deviation from the gospel is heresy and we’ve all seen what happens at that point.

Dismissing any logical argument. Excommunication from the fold. When none of that seems to have any effect? Manufacture some accusation. Try damaging the reputation of those that refuse to accede. Name call.

The health of the community some claim to be a part of really doesn’t seem to be a concern. It’s slash and burn tactics to attempt to influence the rest. So far, I’m satisfied it’s mostly failed.

Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

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