Painting With a Broad Brush

We have a problem in western society I’d like to briefly address.

We all have a habit of painting one another with a broad brush. What i mean by that is that if you are a self described liberal, some on the “conservative side” (See what i did there?) would use liberal in the sense that all liberals believe a certain thing.

Nowadays being labeled liberal or conservative is a slur.

The same goes on. And on. Back and forth, forever and ever.

I’m tired.

Would it be possible for me to posit that on either side of the political spectrum that there are those that deviate from the talking points? Those that think for themselves?

Those liberal and conservatives that don’t buy into the dogma (And that’s exactly what it is.) and start to think: What’s the correct solution/answer?

As long as we continue to paint each other as all having the same ideals/opinions, the less we’ll be able to work to make society better.

Update: I’m not trying to convert you towards any ideology. I don’t care. Believe in whatever crap you want. If you’re the “type” it won’t matter what anyone said.

I hope my readers are different.

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