Maybe It’s Paranoia

It’s interesting when people want to say something about another person, but just can’t bring themselves to actually name the other.

Sometimes they do and want to turn everyone against the person because of some bad experience they’ve had with that individual. I can’t imagine a time myself that I’ve had nothing but good experiences with everyone I know. In fact, I know people that will smile to my face, talk about how great friends we are, then proceed to attempt to stab me because of something I said, did, or even worse in their eyes, didn’t do.

It’s the way some people are. Instead of facing the other person directly and telling them to their face that they’ve been harmed in some way, these people will take a different route.

These are the ones that will start a whisper campaign, write emails, or even blog and make videos about someone that offended them in some way because they don’t possess the intestinal fortitude to confront others face to face about any perceived slight.

Then, they may refer to that person as a “psychopath”, or “sociopath”. None of these people are actually qualified to diagnose another persons personality; it just makes them feel good. There! They’ve done something!

We can be skeptical about everyone we know. We can presume guilt without any proof. Or, we can just go about our lives normally, not thinking that everyone we know and everyone we might meet, is out to get us.

One thought on “Maybe It’s Paranoia

  1. Unfortunately, we are living in the era of reality TV where saying or doing things that would be frowned upon in real life translates into big ratings (and blog traffic). I suspect that some of those who trash specific people online are doing so quite intentionally.


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