Sentenced to Death for Atheism: Is Anyone Really Surprised?

I’ve been seeing tweets in my timeline for a few hours about a man in Nigeria that is in peril of being executed for being an atheist.

It may appear the title of this piece is apathetic, it’s not meant to be at all. I really can’t say I’m surprised. Nigeria is almost evenly divided between Muslims and Christians. The man in question, Mubarak Bala lives in the region, in the north, that is dominated by Muslims is governed mainly by sharia law.

Although supposedly Nigeria’s constitution guarantees religious freedom it appears not to be working at least in this case.

Not surprising though since the government there can’t even prevent the kidnapping of girls and seem powerless to stop the ongoing terror campaign of Boko Haram.
Why would anyone expect them to intervene here? They should, but will they?

Based on recent stories in the Muslim word about sentencing for religious conversion, for marrying someone not of the faith, I’m not optimistic.

Let’s hope the Nigerian government intervenes and saves this man’s life. They really are the only ones that are able.

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