It’s About Context

In any discussion or debate, whether in person or online, it’s important to understand the context of the statements that are being presented.

Too many times I’ve seen articles and blog posts that will take a single sentence and use it as a declarative statement of what the other person actually believes . Often, this sentence is taken from the middle of a much longer statement. What the person is trying to do here, is bolster a position against the other by claiming the other person holds a stance which they in fact do not.

It’s terrible skepticism by the way and we see this type of quote-mining in our own community. We see this because of a prejudice against the other person. That a person does not necessarily hold the exact same views does not give anyone the right to attempt to distort the others’ view.

Too often though, we all fall into the trap of reading an article or post about someone, see some quote (no source provided of course) and without performing even a modicum of research to discover if the quote is factual, believe it because the person writing is “trusted”.

No one ever lies, do they? There are no agendas within the skeptic community, are there? Yeah, we know better.

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