Don’t Sacrifice Our Troops For Nothing

As someone that is paying very close attention to what’s going on in Iraq right now, I thought I would right a few words as someone that’s actually been there.

There’s a lot of angst as to what the United States should or would be able to do there in attempting to ending a religious sectarian war. Let me be upfront with all of you: Nothing.

I was there 10 years ago, and the fighting between the Shiites and Sunnis was ongoing then after the fall of the Saddam regime. It’s continued on since then although mostly out of the papers and T.V. news here, unless there happened to be some horrific bombing – which was an everyday event when I was there.

Our President has been taking plenty of criticism for doing nothing but I ask: What do we want him to do? It’s a situation right now that is completely un-winnable for any country that decides to get involved.

Trust me, as I know, and maybe some of you know this as well, killing the bad guys is good. In this situation though, as it was when I spent 13 months there: Who are the bad guys?

Boots on the ground? Sacrifice more of our human treasure for a war that’s actually been going on for centuries? Oh! We can perform air strikes and cripple the enemy. Who’s that now? Today it’s one, tomorrow, it’s the other.

I lost too many friends. Men and women by the way: If anyone thinks that women weren’t in combat in Iraq? They’re stupid.

Right now we’re caught in a conundrum: go in light, or go in heavy. I say, let’s let ‘em end it amongst themselves. Let’s make sure none of them get here.

I’m not willing to sacrifice one more drop of our sons, daughters, husbands, wives blood, for a region that will never appreciate that sacrifice.

They didn’t when I was there. What makes us think they will now?

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