The Monkey on Your Back

It’s time to get that monkey off your back. No I’m not referring to anyone that has a substance abuse problem, even though I would encourage them the same.

It’s the ideological monkey. Too many have a certain perception that they’ve learned somehow, that they can’t kick. This is as much an addiction as any substance abuse.

People that refuse to consider another opinion because it’s outside what they’ve always heard or read. People that “know” something because someone they know knows someone that “knows”.

Do you know people like this? I do. I smile. I attempt to not be rude(I was raised that way) but there are occasions…

I have a really bad habit of telling stupid people they are, indeed, stupid. I actually don’t feel bad about it even though others might tell me I might have approached the situation differently.

I believe my goal, however painful it might look, is altruistic. i want to inform. In fact, I really think that’s what I must do – make sure others are not deluded.

No, I’m not a missionary, trying to convert the unbelievers, more of a substance abuse counselor.

Attempting to kill that ideological monkey.

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