The “Outing”

Okay, it’s time to do this. Other people I respect have done this in the recent past so here I go….

Some are afraid of letting others know who they really are. they have fake names, they obscure where they live, why? I don’t know.

I’m not scared of any of my readers and in fact have no problem “outing” myself. I recall about a year ago, a friend of mine, Damion Reinhardt actually placed his address on the net, in case someone wanted to come over to his house and visit.

So, here I am, Jim Hodges – you can call me Jim – a son of whom I consider a military hero(WW2, Korea, Vietnam), and a mother that raised me to be skeptical. And loving.

Both parents that raised their children to question, to ask “why” and to sometimes accept that there was no answer.

Parents that even though they didn’t have the opportunity to attend university, made certain both their children would.

I couldn’t have had a better life if I designed it on my own. I hope all of you are able to say the same.

You know how to reach me…

One thought on “The “Outing”

  1. I’ve always been very honest and open about who I am and where I am. To this day, not one single person has shown up on my doorstep. And I’m not the nicest person out there on the ‘net 😉


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